During the last two decades, significant advance have been made in the development of biocompatible and biodegradable material for chronic wound healing. Effectiveness of Biomaterial on healing the wound is important as it is directly related to time & cost as well as patients comfort during the healing process. A biodegradable collagen material is one such biomaterial found to distinctively facilitate wound healing. Currently, a project has been sponsored by UGC to develop collagen based biomaterial for diabetic wound healing.

Stimulated &Therapeutic effects of Solanumindicum Incorporated collagen matrix for diabetic wounds

Funded by UGC (2011-2014) to Dr. K.Gomathy

The Most Prominent feature of diabetic wounds are improper Inflammation, high microbial load, increased oxidative stress and altered expression of growth factors. The treatment strategy should be focused on regulating the multi factorial etiologies of diabetic wounds. Solanumindicum Herb has a potential to act as an anti inflammatory, antimicrobial& antioxidant. Hence we plan to use Solanumindicum as a wound healing agent for Diabetic wounds. In order to deliver the drug in a sustained manner and to keep the wound environment moist the Solanumindicum extract was incorporated in to the Biomaterial for the effective healing.