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                         SPACE EXPLORER

                                         “An Ingress to Borderless world”

         Volume 01/Issue-04                                                    Bimonthly 1-15,September 2022

         NASA's Artemis 1 moon rocket launch delayed to

         Sept. 27 at the earliest

                                                  NASA's Artemis 1 moon rocket will be grounded for at
                                                  least four more days.
                                                  NASA had been eyeing Sept. 23 or Sept. 27 for the
                                                  launch of Artemis 1, which will use a Space Launch
                                                  System (SLS) megarocket to send an Orion capsule on
                                                  an uncrewed test flight to lunar orbit. But the agency
                                                  announced on Sept. 12 that the earlier date is no longer
                                                  in play; it's now targeting Sept. 27 for the Artemis 1 lift-off,
                                                  with a possible backup date of Oct. 2.

                                                  Artemis 1 was supposed to be aloft already. NASA first
                                                  tried launching the mission on Aug. 29 but was stymied
         NASA's Artemis 1 stack on the launch pad at Kennedy Space
         Center in Florida. (Image credit: NASA)    by an anomalous temperature reading in one of the SLS'
         first-stage RS-25 engines. The mission team soon traced that issue to a faulty temperature
         sensor and got the SLS and Orion ready for another try on Sept. 3. But a leak of liquid hydrogen
         propellant scuttled that lift-off attempt as well.

         The leak occurred at a "quick disconnect," an interface linking the SLS core stage with a
         propellant line coming from the rocket's mobile launch tower. The Artemis 1 team replaced two
         seals around the quick disconnect last week and wrapped up other repair work related to the
         issue over the weekend.

         NASA is now gearing up for an SLS fueling test, which will pump supercold propellant into the
         SLS to show that the leak has indeed been fixed. The agency had been targeting Sept. 17 for
         that test, but it has now been pushed back to no earlier than Sept. 21.

         "The updated dates represent careful consideration of multiple logistical topics, including the
         additional value of having more time to prepare for the cryogenic demonstration test, and
         subsequently more time to prepare for the launch," NASA officials. "The dates also allow
         managers to ensure teams have enough rest and to replenish supplies of cryogenic propellants."
         The Artemis 1 stack remains at Pad 39B at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, but it may
         end up having to roll back to KSC's huge Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). The U.S. Space
         Force, which oversees the Eastern Range for rocket launches, certified Artemis 1's flight
         termination system (FTS) for just a 25-day stretch — and that time is already up.

         "Teams are working the upcoming commercial crew launch in parallel to the Artemis 1 planning,
         and both launch schedules will continue to be assessed over the coming weeks," said the NASA

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