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       As per academic calendar continuous internal evaluation and end semester exams are conducted. All the
       examination process are implemented by using examination management system. Results of examination are
       declared within 10 days from the last date of examinations. After publication of results the aggrieved students
       are given opportunities to apply for revaluation / re totaling through grievance redress cell. Based on the marks
       of the applicant the revaluation applications are forwarded to Controller of Examination. Further students can
       apply for challenge of revaluation. Various examination reforms have been implemented for internal evaluation
       and end semester examination. Assessment tools are in accordance with Blooms Taxonomy level and for the
       attainment of Course Outcomes (COs) and Program Outcomes (POs). Student’s performance in the University
       examination is good. The overall graduation in the academic year 2020-21 is 91%. There is an incremental
       improvement in the performance of final year students. All the faculty members are trained to use ICT tools to
       deliver the content. University uses LMS to manage e-contents prepared by faculty members. Our faculty
       members have received 279 recognized awards from various agencies.

       Research, Innovations and Extension

       Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute aspire to become a world leader in Research and Innovation by
       developing the capabilities of faculty and students in identifying and solving challenges both locally and

       Faculty research is supported by identifying those with a research aspiration and supported by Start-up Seed
       grants, travel grants to attend conferences, and publication incentives. Students are encouraged to work with the
       faculty while ensuring their contribution is recognized by joint publication and joint application for patents. The
       cost of research by students is borne by the Institute or by external grants.

       Institute has established several Central Facilities that can be accessed by faculty and students across
       disciplines. The faculty have demonstrated their research expertise by mobilizing sizable funding. The Institute
       has a unique mechanism of encouraging Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A Center (Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
       Center for Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship) dedicated to developing Innovation and
       Entrepreneurship was started in 2015. Institute offers a full-time MBA in Innovation Entrepreneurship and
       Venture Management under the University Incubator. The Institute has been ranked in the Band Excellent
       under Atal Ranking for Institute Innovation Achievements in the last 3 years.

       Institute offers Consultancy services in the Defence Sector among others and has established a
       Commercialisation Unit for Coir yarn V-Beat toothbrush and Dantvarshni toothpaste in collaboration with
       Industry. Institute organizes several capacity-building programs for faculty and students in Innovation,
       Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, and Research skills. The Institute incubator has several student start-
       ups which have received funding from external sources.

       The Institute constantly seeks collaborations at both national and international levels and ensures that each of
       the Memorandum of Understanding is kept alive by regular interactions. Student exchange events, collaborative
       events ensure that the faculty and students have an international educational experience.  Institute has a record
       number of active MoUs.

       The Institute has a mechanism for measuring the outcome of each of its policies to promote Research,
       Innovation, and Extension.  Annual meetings for course correction help in ensuring that the Institute marches
       towards its Vision To be a World Leader in Research, Innovation, and Extension.

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