International Relations


DR. MGR Educational and Research Institute, Deemed to be University, is a trendsetter in the sphere of deemed universities for setting high standards of education, exciting opportunities and excellent placement. In order to retain its national image in the educational sphere, the University has commenced an initiative for its students. This enables the students to pursue their course outside the University and also get exposure to intercultural environment.

As part of this initiative students are free to choose a minimum of two courses in a foreign university during a semester. It is also mandatory for them to choose a research topic and complete the project report and present the findings to the foreign university. The assessment provided by the foreign faculty will be added to their course credits for the award of the degree.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • Opportunity to work in an intercultural environment
  • Opportunity to work with a faculty in a foreign university
  • Provides a launch pad for future research
  • Develop personality, imbibe research and documentation skills


Exploration gives birth to ideologies, ideologies turn into innovations, innovations made today make a better future and a comfortable life today. Our vision is to engage students in International Programs and develop them with different paradigm thought processes.


  • To reach out the corners of the World and get the most for our students to explore and learn in their field.
  • To bring eminent personalities from across the Globe to interact with our students for inspiring them with ideas for their capstone project.
  • To Facilitate Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) between our University and internationally institutes of excellence.


  • Implement Implement the Summer School, Winter School, Semester Abroad programme and twinning program.
  • Facilitate Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) Between MGR and Internationally Renowned Institutes of Excellence.
  • Coordinate research visits of graduate students for their project.
  • Develop Bilateral Programmes Facilitating Exchange of Academic faculty abroad programs.
  • Establish centre of Excellence by identifying focused area of research which are beneficial to both India and the host country.
  • Evolve knowledge management repository which will aid as a reference for both students and faculty.


B.Tech , M.Tech Students and Research scholars

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