As India’s population continues to grow in size and diversity, so too does the complexity of its needs. In response, governments at all levels are continually transforming their policies and programs to better serve people. The need for innovation and skilled leadership in the public service has never been greater. If you’re considering a career in government or the non profit sector, consider to have the foundation and expertise at the Department of Political Science & Public Administration, Dr. M.G. R. Educational and Research Institute. You get the best University-based Public Administration and Political Science Programs here, to prepare you for the diverse and exciting world of opportunities that await you.
Deciding on a new career path or looking to advance in your current career, your Under Graduate studies at Dr. M.G. R. Educational and Research Institute will provide you with strong multi-disciplinary skills essential to your success.
Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute through its department of Political Science and Public Administration is committed to provide the students with an exceptional education in public policy, administration, management & Political Science, offering top-ranked undergraduate programs with a unique level of educational experience. Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute offers programs culminating in expert capabilities. The department offers Degree Programs B.A. Political Science and B.A Public Administration, so that the student aspirants design for themselves unique paths of study to fit their chosen career goals. Learning through discovery and self-expression make the students to explore their diverse interests, free from convention and traditional expectations. The vibrant campus of Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute offers to its diverse nature of student population the best in class facilities, option to choose a wide range of extracurricular activities. The department provides ample support to the students from all Faculties in the form of hosting special lectures, seminars and symposia on a variety of policy, each Semester with additional support, guidance and a forum for discussion.

Vision and Mission
The department of Political Science and Public Administration endeavours
  • To generate new knowledge and produce students who are trained in Political Science and public Administration
  • To impart training to the student in order to equip them academic and professional capability and develop analytical perspectives among them.
The Department strives to:
  • Pursue academic excellence.
  • Develop scholars equipped with in department knowledge of the discipline and sensitivity to the aspirations of new society to bring out social transformation, gender justice and public service.
  • To equip students to understand and analyse political and administrative processes at local, national and international level.
  • To orient students towards value-based democratic politics and administration with a view to create empowered citizens.
  • To prepare adequately competent students who understand and apply concepts, theories, and methodologies from different sub fields of Political Science and public administration to make sense of the world around them. To familiarize students with the latest developments in the discipline and enable them to acquire substantive knowledge of institutions and processes of government that shape politics within and among nations.
  • To help students relate the Classroom instruction to the political and administrative processes outside the class, and contribute to knowledge-building through a commitment to equity, inclusiveness, diversity and concern for the environment. Political Science and Public Administration have its significance to create jobs. While political science deals with the various systems of governance and various thoughts and ideologies that go into shaping those systems, public administration deals with the formulation and implementation of various public policies for civil governance.

Program Outcomes:
After completion of this Program, the student will be able to:
PO1:- A comprehensive knowledge: to understand up-to-date review of the major fields of Political Science and equipped with a rigorous conceptual framework, basic analytical tools and sound methodological training in the discipline.
PO2:- Theoretical analysis: Emphasis is laid on Political Thought, Political Theories, International Relations, Comparative Politics and Public Administration and policy studies, India’s foreign policy, gender and politics and social movements etc.
PO3:- Investigation of complex problems: The Program provides a balanced management to both empirical and normative aspects of the discipline of Political Science and Public Administration.
PO4:- Problem solving skills: The Programs enhance problem solving skills, thinking, creativity through assignments, project work, both individual and group based.
PO5:- Design/development of solutions: The students will be able to study problems in existing system and develop solution as part of the research Program and field studies.
Program Specific Outcomes:
After the completion of the B.A., Political Science or B.A., Public Administration Students are able to work in various fields:-
PO1:- Political Analysts:- The Political Analyst is a great career option for the post graduates in political science and public administration.
PO2:- Public Administrator:- Administrative abilities and Managerial skills, develop leadership qualities made them to develop Programs based on the needs and demands of public.
PO3:- Public Policy Makers:-As a Public Administrator formulates policies and develop innovative models for policy implementation and impact evaluation.
PO4:- Political Consultant:- Political Consultants work on election campaigns for political candidates and help in designing manifestos and develop media strategies, political surveys etc. which are need of the hour.
PO5:- Political Content Writer:- Political Science post gradates can also become political content writer and on contemporary and historical issues.

Choosing to Make a Difference
Your employment options within local, national and international agencies are as varied and rewarding as any private sector career, and your opportunities for advancement are unparalleled. Dr. M.G. R. Educational and Research Institute is committed to educating future public sector leaders, offering the most extensive set of Political Science, public administration. We make a difference... so that you can make a difference.
Defining Your Options
Political Science and Public Administration deals with the theory and practice of government. As a course of study, it examines the way in which public sector entities are organized and managed, and how public policy impacts the design of government programs. Your studies at Dr. M.G. R. Educational and Research Institute will provide you with professional training in various aspects of public sector management in Tamil Nadu including human resources management, public policy planning and evaluation, economics, statistics, public law, public finance, program evaluation and public administration. The critical thinking and analytical skills you gain at Dr. M.G. R. Educational and Research Institute will give you a solid grounding for leadership in the public sector, as well as in the private and non profit sectors where there is a growing need for an understanding of government relations.
Out-of-Classroom Experiences
  • Students in this major have interned with sitting MLAs and MPs of Tamilnadu.
  • Students in this major can collaborate with Government office and NGOs
Post-Graduation Opportunities for continuing Education in
  • Law school
  • Business school
  • Graduate school to study Public Administration, city planning, creative writing,history, or para-legal courses

Programs Offered

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Course

1.B.A. Political Science

2.B.A.(Hons) Public Administration

Postgraduate Course

1.M.A Political Science

2.M.A Public Administration

Scope of the Program

Public Sector

  • Entry level jobs in Government departments of State & Central.
  • On pursuing Post graduation and qualifying through Government examinations attractive positions can be targeted.
  • Qualifying in NET & SLET after Post-graduation, suitable senior positions in Academics could be aimed. Legislative Assistant, Executive Assistants for Ministerial officers.

Private Sector

  • Corporate Manager
  • Administrative Officer
  • Personnel Management Specialist
  • Human Resources Manager

Multinational Companies

  • Labour Management Relations
  • Policy Analyst

Abroad Careers

  • Senior academic positions with Post
  • Graduation and Ph.D

Entrepreneurial/ Business Options

  • HR Consultant

Political Science is a branch of social science which teaches a student about the state, global politics and government. Not only in India, but this course is one of the most opted courses around the globe as well. Political Science deals with the working of the state, government, various agencies, and how one can use the theoretical knowledge about one’s country in the real or practical world for the betterment of the same.
Greek Philosopher Aristotle defined political science as "It is the course that deals with the study of the state.” The way politics is changing around the globe, people need someone who can tell them what is going on around them? We need people who can question every stage of politics and where it’s leading our country. Political scientists have become so important today that they can be seen participating in every political debate on every news channel.
Unlike, other courses like medical or engineering, a student from any academic background can learn the depths and insights of this subject.
Career Options and Jobs for Political Science Graduates
After graduating one can look for jobs in both government (public) and private sector. In the public sector one can look for jobs in the fields of:

Career Options for Political Science Graduates

Civil Services (Indian Administrative Services, Indian Foreign Services)

Bank Manager/Clerk


Political Scientist

Secretary to various government departments and agencies

Election and Campaign Manager

Political content developer



Policy Analyst

Legislative Assistant

Public Relations Specialist

Social Media Manager

Marketing Research Analyst

Political Consultant


Intelligence Analyst

Public Opinion Analyst

Communications Director

Corporate Manager

Survey Analyst

Foreign Service Officer

Human Rights Activists

Legal Adviser to Political Parties

You can always go for a Masters in Political Science after that you are eligible to sit for the NET exam which opens other opportunities like Assistant Professor in colleges.
Career Options in Political Science: Top 12 Career Opportunities in India
Political Science helps students drive their career with a multitude of exciting opportunities. The study of political science is an ideal choice for students keen on understanding and evaluating the functions of politics, the government, and society. Political Science is a perfect subject for anyone interested in learning how political systems function, as well as those who aspire to develop essential critical thinking and analytical skills. These reasons make political science among the most sought–after majors among humanities students today. Listed below are some great career options for a career in Political Science that students can explore. Let’s discuss some political science
Career Options in Political Science
1. Civil Services
Civil servants are the steel frame of India. They are behind the successful implementation of policies and administration. They work from the ground level to develop the country and take it forward through their efforts and vision. Becoming an IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), or IFS (Indian Foreign Services) officer is considered one of the most respectable professions in India.
A career in civil services also offers a chance to bring about radical and positive changes in India’s fabric, since officers play an important role in the execution of law and order in the country.
Interestingly, Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) is one of the optional subjects for the UPSC exam, the aspiring bureaucrats who already have an education background in political science grab the PSIR concepts quicker than the rest. For anyone considering appearing for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam, a thorough knowledge of Political Science is a must, and studying the subject at the undergraduate level can immensely help aspirants.
2. Policy Analyst
Political Science majors develop strong critical thinking, writing, and research skills, along with an in-depth knowledge of public policy, all of which are essential requirements for applying for the role of a policy analyst. The job of policy analysts is to evaluate the impacts of adopting a policy and use the analysis to devise arguments that either support or discredit the implementation. They do extensive research on the existing situation, identify the problems, and come up with solutions. They should be having strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
This is a great career option for Political Science graduates, as students possess the necessary proficiency in the political and legislative processes of the country and are an excellent fit for the job.
3. Law
The laws of the Indian state, as well as the Indian Constitution, form a significant component of the syllabus of Political Science. This makes the students of the subject ideal for pursuing law following the completion of their studies, given how they already have an in-depth knowledge regarding the fundamentals of the discipline.
Although both of them are two different fields of study but having studied political science is an added advantage to law students. A fair understanding of political sciencegives a good perspective of political behavior, political activities, and theories.
4. Legislative Assistant
Most people are unaware of the fact that Members of Parliament and other elected representatives and officials often hire assistants who can help them with their legislative duties.
These hires are professionally known as legislative assistants, who work in close collaboration with our MPs to research on policy issues, pending legislation, inquire into the problems of citizens within the jurisdiction of their employers, and coordinate and communicate with other officials of the jurisdiction.
The legislative assistants also prepare reports and maintain data on the undergoing issues, development, and implementation of the policies for the MPs. This data is not generic but rather related to the constituency of these ministers. This gives a rational perspective to the ministers so they could do the work effectively.
5. Social Media Manager
From political candidates, officials, and parties to interest groups, every individual or organisation in the public eye needs a strong social media presence. Their presence further needs to be managed by social media experts who understand politics and current issues well.
This is where political science graduates can leverage their knowledge of what constitutes a positive public image and opinion, and formulate and implement plans to shape and enhance their clients’ social media campaigns.
With the advent of social media, having a positive social media presence and image is pertinent. Social media is working as a tool to bridge the gap between legislators and citizens. It is a good career scope in political science because the manager can do a need analysis basis their educational background and strategise relevant content on the page. Relevancy of the content enhances the connection and thus creates popularity among the people.
6. Journalism
A good political journalist is someone who has profound expertise in politics and aspires to use it to increase public awareness about the same across different media. Political Science graduates make excellent political journalists, reporters, and correspondents, given their competence in politics and their understanding of the political environment.
Whether students choose to supplement their undergraduate degree with a degree or diploma in journalism or mass communication or start working directly after graduation, journalism is a fantastic career option for Political Science graduates. Political science students can choose to up skill themselves by doing a degree or diploma in either journalism or mass communication. They could choose to work in the industry right after they complete graduation. Journalism is a fantastic career option for political science graduates.
7. Marketing Research Analyst
Political science graduates are required to study the flow of power in political systems, which allow them to understand how to market a particular product across geographies to maximize its impact.
Therefore, they develop a knack for marketing jobs, which provides another career option in Political Science, since they can quickly and effortlessly analyse how consumers of a specific demographic will respond to the product through their knowledge of research methodologies. Students can pursue an MBA or enter into the marketing industry right after their graduation. Marketing has a process of STP (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning), it plays a very big role in making a product successful. In order to market a product correctly in the right demography, with right
Pricing makes or breaks the demand for a product.
8. Teaching
Students who enjoy gaining more knowledge about the subject can consider teaching at the school or college level as a career option in Political Science. At the school level, teachers are required to hold a B.Ed. degree, along with an MA in political science, while at the college level, teachers need to qualify examinations such as UGC NET/ SET and/or hold a Ph.D.
For graduates who are inclined towards academia, teaching is a suitable career in political science. Based on their preference they could either choose to teach in the school or for higher education.
9. Intelligence Analyst
Intelligence analysts work for government agencies like the CBI. They utilise their knowledge of political science to analyse all levels and parameters of development in the country’s volatile regions, which requires their specific knowledge and skill set.
Their work also includes making reports on groups that may pose a threat to national security, study patterns of leadership and public response, and present their findings in a conclusive manner. This opens a good career scope in political science.
10. Political Campaign Staff
A political campaign staff’s job profile is the same as that of a social media manager, except that this work is done mostly offline. Political campaign staff members prepare press releases and draft speeches for their clients, design and execute campaign strategies, analyse current political issues, study public reactions to cultivate their client’s image, and organise fundraisers for the campaign.
11. Public Relations Representative/ Specialist
Public relations representatives or specialists are people who act as mediators between their clients and the public through various platforms of the media. From organising press releases and conferences to managing campaigns, events, and public appearances, the profession requires astute critical skills of researching, writing, and analysing to promote their client’s image, something that political science majors possess in abundance.
12. Political Scientist
Lastly, for students who are deeply passionate about the study of political science, academia is an industry that is always open. Students can pursue their MA and PhD in Political Science following the completion of their graduation, to become thinkers and subject matter experts.
13. United Nations Organization
International Organizations like UNO, often hire political scientists across the world. A BA in Political Science degree holder can apply for internship and other positions at various organizations of the United Nations. However, a higher degree in Political Science is required for the top notch posts at the United Nations Organization.

What is Public Administration?
The government’s role is to maintain peace and order while protecting the rights and lives of citizens. It must ensure that citizens obey the law and honour agreements, and must settle any disputes that arise. All these important functions of the government are accomplished through Public Administration.
As more responsibilities land on the government, the need for better management of public affairs continues to increase. Any country’s administration is a reflection of the potentialities and merit of its citizens. The very root of progress and growth of the country lies in a fully developed public administration.
Public administration refers to the study of government policy implementation. The increasing importance of public administration in people’s lives has made it essential to study its working system and procedure.
In recent times, the study of Public Administration as a separate discipline at the university level has seen a surge of interest among students in India and abroad
Scope of Public Administration in India and Abroad
Public Administration is the umbrella term covering the frameworks and policies of the administration, political science, economics, management, law, sociology, and other related subjects; a multifaceted field of study for an all-round understanding of the government and its policies.
For a career in this field, one must have "people skills”, a solid understanding of accounts and finance, and good administration skills. Upon completion of their degree, aspirants are presented with the opportunities to work in non-profit and welfare organisations, local and state government bodies, and the most prestigious- Indian civil service.
The duty of these candidates would involve maintaining the public and personnel administration in check with proper adherence to guidelines. They may also be responsible for increasing human, material, and financial resource efficiencies. With work of high importance such as this, it is natural that the scope in India is high and the pay is generous. Abroad, jobs in Public Administration generally aim at creating better global security, developing free-market economies, and strengthening political bonds.
The challenges associated with this field abroad, therefore, are plenty and of high complexity. Organisations like the United Nations have specific public administration divisions that support international policy research, governmental operations, information sharing, and guidance provision to countries undergoing transition. In an organisation of this scale, your resources will be vast as compared to smaller operations.
Graduates in this field may find an opportunity to work in the administrative management sector; the industrial sector; the personnel management sector; the legal sector and the social services sector as well. A student who wants to pursue a specialization in public administration may later join the public or private sector on the basis of the opportunities presented. A number of jobs are offered to state and local government candidates in the field of public administration. Different public administration specializations will lead to job vacancies in different departments.
Course Subjects
In BA (Hons.) Public Administration and MA Public Administrations, various subjects are covered to provide students with all-round knowledge on the policies of the government in economics, politics, law, society, and so on. Some of the common subjects covered in the course include:
Scope of New Public Administration
  • Communication, Decentralization, and Delegation
  • Association: Meaning and Basics
  • New Public Management and Public and Private Administration
  • Open Administration: Meaning, Evolution, Nature, Significance
  • Types of Organisations: Formal and Informal
  • Independent Regulatory Commission
  • Department, Board, Corporation, and Commission
  • Basics of Public Administration
  • Managerial Law
  • Assigned Legislation
  • Hypotheses of Organisation: Classical and Bureaucratic
  • Components of Personnel Administration
  • Open Funds: Accounting and Auditing
  • Essential Rights and Duties
  • Elements of Indian Administration
  • Chief Minister: Appointment Powers and Functions
  • State and District Administration
  • Service of Home Affairs: Organization and Functions
  • Divisional Commissioner: Powers, Position and Functions
  • Development Administration
Careers in Public Administration
The field of Public Administration has a variety of myriad career opportunities from policy development and enforcement to budget analysis. Specialists in the field are also capable of assisting with political agendas and managing large teams focusing on environmental policies, city/neighbourhood planning, or health care policies.
On the business side of things, graduates get the opportunity to employ their skills and knowledge in management positions or specific sectors of an organisation, such as training, human resources, marketing, or supervising company functions to check for adherence to regulation.
There is plenty of opportunity for career progression in any sector professionals may go into, and the more the experience they earn, the higher the salaries offered in each job role.
A career in Public Administration, therefore, is one with enormous growth and earning opportunities.
Upcoming trends
Recent developments in government policies reveal a few emerging trends that are expected to, or already are, of priority in Public Administration. Some of these are:
Managing demographic bulges: Most countries find themselves confronted with a youth bulge in population, and have to adjust service delivery to the demographic profiles of their respective citizens’ populations.
Response to growing customer expectations: Today, residents are becoming increasingly complex, diverse and individualised with growing expectations. As a group, they consider themselves as consumers of public services and their demands are diverse and sometimes contradicting, making it all the more important for governments to find ways to deliver to these expectations.
Harnessing innovations, especially technology: The Covid-19 pandemic has, more than ever, accelerated the shift of our dependency towards technology, all around the world. As a result, governments are incorporating technology and innovations in their working to fulfil the objective of personalised services and to improve outcomes and processes.
Affordable Government: For the current and future public sector organisations, making governments affordable is the new idea for ensuring continued service delivery to citizens. Increasing customer demands, need for personalised services, growing sustainability challenges, and demographic ageing are all creating enormous challenges for governments to meet expenditure shortfalls.
Job Profiles and Top Recruiters
In Public Administration, higher studies is an option; not a necessity. With a Bachelor’s degree, fresh graduates are offered various career opportunities and job profiles, with offered salaries proportional to experience earned in the field. Some of the major job roles that fresh graduates are offered include:

Job Profile


Administrative Officer

Responsible for the smooth function of an organisation by processing, coordinating, managing, and providing solutions to employees’ grievances regarding their remuneration.

Public Relations and Fundraising Manager

Analysing the prevailing social, economic, and political situation in the country; providing their customers with valuable advice for campaigns and fundraising agendas.

Business Consultant

Looking after various aspects of business administration such as medicinal services or human resource policies; providing customers with valuable business advice for fixing various aspects of their own business.

Corporate Operations Manager

Administering and providing expert support to the association regarding the management and functioning of any organisation.

Faculty Details






Assistant Professor


Ms.Nivedha Dharmalingam

Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor