Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences provides a broad spectrum of specializations ranging from core field of Geology, Environmental Science & Water Resources to Industrial Safety. Students get trained in various aspects of Earth Sciences, Water Resources sciences and managements and they also get exposed to latest technologies like Remote Sensing and GIS. The department also offers a specialized course in Industrial Safety with expertise from academia and Industry.

The department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences offers three-degree programs:

  • B.Sc. Geology
  • B.Sc. Environmental Science & Water Resources
  • B.Sc. Industrial Safety


  1. To create a leader in the field of earth and Atmospheric Sciences.
  2. To provide the students with fundamental knowledge towards developing necessary skills to face the challenges of our nation and world.
  3. To produce well trained and competent geosciences professionals for social and sustainable development of planet earth.


  1. To offer and transmit exemplary knowledge in the field of earth and atmospheric sciences at the undergraduate level.
  2. To engage the budding graduates through effective industrial collaboration and outreach programs to enhance fundamental skills, research aptitude, devotion to profession with ethical standards.

Core Values

BSc Geology is a 3 year under graduation course, desirable for those who want to study about the structure, composition and components of Earth.

  • The programme educates about various rocks, minerals, fossils, crystals etc which are exposed above and below the earth’s surface.
  • This student are taught with crystallography, mineralogy, palaeontology, petrology, economic geology, hydrogeology, stratigraphy, structural geology etc.
  • The course also includes mandatory fieldwork and practicals of different theory subjects.
  • Moreover, this course provides a great knowledge of nature and different natural phenomena like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and many others, how they occur, their after-effects etc.
  • After completion of this course, students can either pursue higher studies or can work in different departments in both the private and government sector.

B.Sc. Environmental Science & Water Resources is a 3 year undergraduate Environmental course.

  • Environmental Science covers the study of subjects like understanding of earth processes, evaluating alternative energy systems, pollution control and mitigation, natural resource management, effects of global climate change, etc.
  • This curriculum will expose students to various fields in environmental chemistry and develop interest in related disciplines.
  • The course is career oriented in nature and opens many scopes after it.

B.Sc. Industrial Safety is a 3 year under graduation course, comes handy while the infrastructure planning and design is being planned.

  • Industrial safety course is designed in such a way to impart knowledge about maximum safety of workers, facility and environment for better achievement.
  • This course covers mainly safety in construction, transport, mines, onshore and offshore drilling, fire and electrical circumstances where safety is predominant.
  • The student are exposed to various safety protocols and practices which are used to train the workers. Following these practices will ensure their safety at work place. Principles of fire safety, electrical safety and disaster management come versatile when something goes wrong.
  • Industry safety professionals have diverse job opportunities available in front of them. They have access to both Government and Private sector jobs. As long as the industries exist, the demand for safety professionals will remain intact.

Programs Offered

Programs Offered
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