Center of Excellence

Research Activities

  • Bioconversion of colchicine and thiocolchicine into their demethylated derivatives

  • Screening and analysisof carbapenemase resistancein clinical bacterial isolates

  • Candida Biofilminhibition usingnatural products

  • Exploratorypractices on Electronicthesis and dissertation

  • Studies related to mental health, alcohol and substancemisused and marginalized community research

  • Health caremanagement studies



  • Colling Centrifuge 5804 Eppender

  • Master Cycler Thermo Cycler

  • Spectrofluorophotometer Rf 5301 Pc

  • Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

  • Freeze Dryer Alpha 1-2 Ld Plus

  • Rota Vaccum Concentrator 2-18 Cd Plus

  • Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Fume Exhaust Hood

  • -20 Deep Freezer

  • Nano drop

  • Real Time PCR

  • Medicare GelstanGelDoc Unit

Research Activities

  • Material Science Research (Graphene)


  • Hydraulic Press

  • D33 Meter

  • Fume Hoods & Spot Extractors

  • Multimeter

  • Canopy Hood

  • Wind Tunnel

  • Drilling Machine

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Box Furnace

  • Ferro Electric Tester

  • High Voltage DC Power Supply

Research Activities

  • Aerospace, Automobile & Defence equipments

  • Food, agriculture, leather & textile machinery

  • ISRO sponsored project on collapsible mandrel for rocket motor

  • Developing hologram techniques to measure adhesive band strength.


  • 3D Printing Machine

  • Laser Holographic Lab

  • L Box, V Funnel, U Box

  • Core cutting machine, Core extraction machine,

  • Longitudinal compressometer (150 mm dia), Length Comparator(Electronic), Shrinkage Bar Mould, Cement Autoclave

  • Rapid Chloride Permeability Apparatus

  • Water Testing KIT-14 Parameters

  • Rebar Locator 6?, Ultrasonic Pulse

  • Velocity Tester

  • Gaseous Sampling Attachment

  • Air Sampler Pelton Turbine for hydro power generation with remote monitoring from cloud app


Research Activities

  • Crystal Growth Studies

  • Ultrasonic Studies

  • Nano Catalysis studies


  • QT200 Mixed Signal Functional Tester

  • QT 25 ? Qmax Short Locator, QE 49 Boundary Scan Trainer

  • Muffle Furnace

  • UV Visible Spectrophotometer

  • Turbidity Meter

  • Ultrasonic Apparatus

  • Centrifuge Electrical REMI 8 X 15 ml

  • Potentionmeter- Digital

  • Sohxlet Apparatus

  • Turbidity Meter

Research Activities

  • Screeningnucleotide polymorphismof estrogen receptor in infertility


  • T100 (Thermal cycler)Gel Doc XR+ Sub-Cell GT

  • Agarose gel ecrophoresis system & Power PacMicrolab 300 LX

  • UV/ Visible Spectrophotometer

  • Fluorescent microscope

  • Binocular microscope

  • Spirometer

  • Deep Freezer

  • Cryostat

  • Rotary microtome

  • Thin layer chromatography

  • Actophotometer

Research Activities

  • In our centre, we identify various phyto chemical compounds of medicinal important plants for the studies as follows

Antimicrobial study

Metabolic disorder


  • Phytochemical screening - UV/ Visible Spectrophotometer

  • Bioautoradiography

  • Column chromatography


  • Deeper freezer 80? C, 20? C

  • Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope

  • Trinocular Microscope

  • Co2 Incubator

  • Laminar flow air (Class 2A)

Research Activities

CAA deals with the Documentation of rural and urban context. This Documentation includes recording classification and disseminative of information. This is done at 3 levels Settlement level, Street level and Building level


Research Activities


CSA encourages faculty and students doing Study on energy efficiency, green buildings during

PG level and in Ph.D Programme.

In this regard we have started a department Journal club named ? MAYAN?and regular research meetings will happen at department to discuss on research activities done by students and faculty.

Research Activities

Test engine setup is used to find the performance and combustion parameters of Variable

Compression Ratio of Diesel Engine and also to find the performance and combustion

parameters of Variable Compression Ratio Multi-Fuel Engine. Wide range of combustion studies can be conducted with the help of this setup. Engine Combustion and performance parameters



  • Computerized engine management system

  • Bio diesel plant

  • Avl exhaust gas analyser

  • Avl smoke meter

  • Fft analyzer

  • Vibration and noise analyzer with lab view software

Research Activities

The structural engineering laboratory serves a wide spectrum of activities include experimental studies on model/prototype of structural elements and assemblies under various static and dynamic loading conditions.


  • Electronically controlled sensors: LVDTs/DCDTs, strain gauges, velocity meters (induction type) and Accelerometers (both force balance and capacity types)

  • Traditional devices: Dial gauges and proving rings

  • PC-Based Data Acquisition System of different capabilities