Psychology is a scientific study of mental processes associated with the behaviour. As a human mind perceives and understands its stimuli, various factors contribute to converting them into behaviour. Psychology studies these factors and their impact to analyse how the person behaves in different circumstances.

An understanding of Psychology helps with in all success fields- be it in hiring the right people, resolving conflicts, selling, teaching children, even making movies.

  • Updated curriculum
  • Distinguished Faculty

  • Excellent Library Facilities

  • Dedicated Research Wing

  • Frequent Seminar and Academic Activities

  • Regular Industrial Visits

  • Devoted Placement Coordination Cell

  • Talks by Industry Experts

  • Career Guidance by the Department Faculty

  • International Academic Standard Based Subject Integration

  • Fully equipped Psychology lab

  • Learn psychometric assessment skills, psycho diagnostics and gain counselling skills

About the Department:

The Department of Psychology at Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute has designed its curriculum and pedagogy on the fundamental idea that "Understanding oneself is the first necessity to understand others". As we dwell deep into the inbuilt complexities of the human mind, we ensure that you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to study human behaviours, thought processes and their interpretations.

The Department of Psychology offer a completely professionally curated curriculum to brace yourself for a successful career in psychology, with internships, research programs, laboratory sessions, industry visits, tools such as psychometric analyses, and counseling sessions. We believe in experiential learning where you learn to understand yourselves, accept yourself, and further to analyze and understand others.

Why Psychology?

  • Helps to understand and accept yourself holistically
  • Ensures self-development and social skills development simultaneously

  • Acquiring analytical skills to sort out the truths from manipulations and fictions

  • Develop human management skills by understanding emotions, gestures and body language

  • Establish quality ties with others

  • Prepare to be the best among equals

  • Have a career where IT and automation can never be a challenge

  • Criteria to guide individuals and society as a whole

  • Learn professional skills of being a problem solver for people around you

  • Develop a sense of autonomy in thought and action

  • Develop the ability to manage complex environments to suit personal needs and values

  • Take your life forward in pursuit of meaningful goals and a sense of purpose in life

  • Enable continued growth and development as a person

  • Gain eligibility to independent practice with appropriate higher education.

Why Psychology at Dr. M.G.R

  • Mentoring by Industry experts

  • Learning by Industry visits

  • Research in association with the industry

  • Community outreach programmes and field work as part of the curriculum

  • Internship opportunity in two medical college hospitals under the same university

  • Fully equipped Psychology lab

  • Learn psychometric assessment skills, psycho diagnostics and gain counselling skills

  • Training in creative presentations, articles, and blog writing and research paper     presentations

  • Organize and lead groups, organizations, or committees

  • Adjust well to organizational rules, procedures, and traditions

Programs Offered

Government sector

  • School Counsellor
  • Rehabilitation Units

  • Any other Government service which has graduation as the minimum eligibility

Private sector

  • HR Executive, HR Trainer
  • EAP Counsellor and Behaviour Analyst

  • Customer service, Sales and marketing

Multinational Companies

  • HR Executive, HR Trainer
  • Employee Assistance Program, Counsellor and Behaviour Analyst

  • Customer service, Sales and marketing

Abroad Careers

  • Opportunity to practice as professional after post-graduation in any specialty

Entrepreneurial/ Business Options

  • Counselling Clinics
  • Special schools, Rehabilitation centers

  • NGOs and HR, Career, Academic consultancy

Programs Offered

Under Graduate Courses : -(Three Years)

B.Sc -   Psychology


Curriculum and Syllabus with CO-PO Mapping

BoS Minutes

Entrepreneurship/Skill Development

Elective / CBCS


Full Time


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  • PhD (Research)


  • A minimum percentage of marks required in 12th standard (Intermediate / CBSE/Board examination)
  • 10th and 12th pass for Certificate Courses
  • Interest to work in Aviation/Airports/Airlines/Travel Agencies

Faculty Details

S. No

Staff Name



Mr. Manoj .R

Program Head


Ms. Divya Devi .M

Assistant Professor


Mrs. Athreya Aditi Ganesh Gowri

Assistant Professor


Mrs. Nivedha .K

Associate Professor


Mrs. Keerthana S

Assistant Professor


Ms. Rajashree S

Assistant Professor


Mrs. Sudar Oli D

Assistant Professor