The Department of Fashion Design plays a key role in shaping its students to help them to become entrepreneurs. The Undergraduate Course (B.Sc. Fashion Design) came into existence purely as a Creative department in the year 2018. The curriculum is designed exclusively complementing industry based learning to benefit the students and delivers the highest level of quality with 100% practical learning. To become a fashion designer one not only needs to be artistic and creative but also needs to have good communication and decision making skills. Hands- on- training is given to each and every student registered for the course, with one to one interaction. Apart from the curriculum students are encouraged in learning and developing other skills through various workshops, seminars and other activities conducted frequently.


Aspires to achieve the highest creative standards of excellence in teaching and service. The Faculty as well as the Students are encouraged to be Active, Creative thinkers and Problem solvers.


  • To create, innovate and provide best value to education.
  • To make a difference through branding to stay abreast of fashion trends, market changes and the latest technologies.
  • To enhance the quality of life for business partners, customers and co workers.
  • To learn and share knowledge with Global Creative Educational Institutions and Fashion Organizations.

Quality Policy

The Department of Fashion Designs committed to Quality through Teaching, Research and Creative works and fosters an Intellectual culture that bridges Fashion Design with producing holistic graduates prepared for a life of purpose, service and creative leadership.

Career Opportunities

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Retailer

  • Fashion Stylist

  • Fashion Entrepreneur

  • Fashion Illustrator

  • Pattern Maker

  • Costume Designer

  • Fashion Show Organiser

Programs Offered

Programs Offered

Under Graduate Courses

( Duration 3 Years / Semester System)


B.Sc - Fashion Design


Curriculum and Syllabus with CO-PO Mapping

BoS Minutes

Entrepreneurship/Skill Development

Elective / CBCS


Full Time


Full Time


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Eligibility Criteria
  • 12th Pass with any stream


Infrastructure is well versed with Spacious Classrooms, Fashion Laboratories.

Design Lab

The Design Lab has inclined table with seating for the students to create unique ideas to take shape as fashionable attire.

Sewing Lab

The Drafting and Sewing of each and every pattern is done according to the design using appropriate materials. Drape in body form is administered to get the look and feel of the creation and sewn with Japanese sewing machines.

The creative learning spaces

The student’s state-of-art smart creative class rooms give the best creative learning experience and equipped with latest display boards and Projection technologies.




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The Department of Fashion Design organised its first State Level Design Fest titled "Fashion Fest’19”on 14.3.2019 in Adayalampattu Campus. The entire venue wore a sparkling look with art models, banners, decorative rangolis and so on to mark the recent trends of the fashion world.

Ms. Richa Goenka, celebrity fashion designer who had carved a niche for herself in the fashion field, was invited as chief guest. Nearly 100 students from various colleges participated in 10 different events such as Fashion Illustration, Junk Art, Mehendi, Hair Do & Make Up, Fashion Jewellery, Hand Bag Making, Nail Art, Face Painting etc were held. Cash Prizes and certificates were distributed to the winners of various competitions then and there. The Department of Fashion Design is greatly indebted to Honourable President for his wholehearted support and guidance that paved way for the successful conduct of the Fashion Fest.




Title of the Event: Liquid Embroidery
Date: 28th September 2018
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Smart Room – 2 (K101) Adayalampattu Campus – Phase II

A workshop on "LIQUID EMBROIDERY” was conducted on 28th September 2018. Ms. Jayashree Narayanan, Fevicryl Certified Specialist was invited as chief guest for the event.

Liquid Embroidery is the art of replicating the look and feel of traditional embroidery stitches with the marvellous 3d outliner and glitter tubes. The technique is very simple and basic and is an inexpensive way to transfer stitches onto fabric and make them look ethnic and trendy.

Embroidery stitches are fine and intricate because of the nozzles of these tubes. Cross stitch, kantha stitch, kutchi work, raberi (aari work) are few of the many traditional stitches that can be done beautifully on any fabric. Liquid embroidery looks beautiful on saris and a lot of Indian garments that demand traditional stitches. It can be done on cushion covers, bedspreads, dupattas, tops, caps, hats, clutches, fabrics, footwear and bags of all kinds.

The students learnt how to transfer a design using carbon sheet and to do stitches with the liquid embroidery tubes onto fabric and make them look ethnic and trendy. They learnt the techniques of different stitches like kantha work, kutch work, mirror work, sequin work, herring bone stitch, running stitch, long and short stitch and many more stitches. The students also created their own designs using the liquid liner and glitter tubes.

Title of the Event: Jewellery Making
Date: 23rd November 2018
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Lecture Room (G003) Adayalampattu Campus – Phase II

A workshop on "JEWELLERY MAKING” was conducted on 23rd November 2018.  Ms. Mythili, Dean – Institute of Design (IOD) was invited as chief guest for the event.


Jewellery making is the process of creating personal adornment such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets, anklets etc. These are made using materials like silk thread, bead, gems, stones, pearls, metal etc. In this workshop the jewellery was made using different colours of silk threads and for additional decoration pearls and beads were used.


The workshop was organised to make the students develop their skills in making accessory with different colour threads and other decorative materials. Students learnt the technique of braiding silk threads to create a neck piece and pearls, beads & other decorative items were added to enhance its look. The students also created their own jewelleries consisting of a neck piece, a pair of earrings and a kada bangle.

Title of the Event: Fabric Painting
Date: 30th January 2019
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Design Lab (C002) Adayalampattu Campus – Phase II

A workshop on "FABRIC PAINTING” was conducted on 30th January 2019. Ms. Jayalakshmi, Fashion Stylist & Art Consultant was invited as chief guest for the event.

Fabric Painting is a technique of creating colourful pictures, motifs and designs using paints, brushes, markers and stencils. It is the methods of decorating a fabric by tracing or drawing the outline of the design and then adding colours to the design. It can be done on kurtis, saris, purses, hand bags etc.


The workshop helped the students to develop their own design with different colour combination and also how to transfer their design into 2 dimensional painting on fabric. They also learnt the process of designing a tote bag with stencils and fabric paints.


Title of the Event: Seminar on Fashion & India
Date: 26th February 2019
Time: 11.00 am
Venue: Design Lab (C002) Adayalampattu Campus – Phase II

A Seminar on "FASHION & INIDA” was conducted on 26th February 2019.  Ms. Richa Goenka, Fashion Stylist & Art Consultant was invited as chief guest for the event.

The seminar was organised to help the students to gain knowledge on the Evolution of fashion in India. Fashion is all about style and elegance which undergoes constant evolution. As India is known for its tradition, cultural heritage, elegance & colourfulness there were equally tremendous change in the Fashion and its developements . Indian fashion has undergone significant transformation through decades.


The students got many ideas about the different eras in Indian fashion industry. They also learnt about how the fashion gradually developed to present trend. They gained knowledge about the evolution of garments from bell bottoms to high street fashion. The chief guest also gave guidelines and tips on how to become a fashion designer / entrepreneur and also about the process of designing garments to clients according to trend. She also shared her experience in the fashion field.




Title of the Event: Hair Do
Date: 22nd March 2019
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Design Lab (C002) Adayalampattu Campus – Phase II
A workshop on "HAIR DO” was conducted on 22nd March 2019. Ms. Ambika Ambi, Grooming Specialist was invited as chief guest for the event.

Hair do workshop was organised to help the students to gain knowledge on creating hair styles for different fashion outfits and occasions. Different types of hair styles were taught in step by step process in which the students practically got trained. Half up half down curls, ironed curls, half crown look, simple puff were some of the styles taught in the workshop.

The students got trained practically to do hairstyles based on the type of hair, features and occasions. They enthusiastically participated and learnt how to match the hairstyles with the outfits. They also got many tips on how to massage and add hair packs to their hair.


Title of the Event: Make Up
Date: 25th March 2019
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Design Lab (C002) Adayalampattu Campus – Phase II
A workshop on "Make Up” was conducted on 25th March 2019. Ms. Ambika Ambi, Grooming Specialist was invited as chief guest for the event.

Make up is art of decorating oneself for different occasions. The workshop was organized for the students to learn the basic techniques for doing make up for their outfits. The workshop helped the students to learn the different products used for doing make up and also how it is applied on the skin of the wearer. The various brands of makeup products available in the market and their uses were also taught in the workshop.

The students showed their interest by asking questions regarding make up to be done for different occasions. The guest gave the practical knowledge on how to do apply make up for formal wear, party wear and bridal wear. She also gave ideas on how make up has been done for models in Fashion Shows, Movies & Cine Industries.

Title of the Event: Tie & Dye
Date: 8th August 2019
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Design Lab (C002) Adayalampattu Campus – Phase II

A workshop on "TIE & DYE” was conducted on 8th August 2019. Ms. Archana, Freelancer was invited as chief guest for the event.

Tie & Dye is a method of adding colouration to the fabric. It  is a technique of folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling a fabric or a garment and binding them with string or rubber bands, followed by application of dye(s). The different techniques like fan fold technique, pebble technique, triangle technique and spiral technique are used to create unique designs in the fabric.

The workshop helped the students of Fashion Design department to develop their knowledge in the tie & dye technique. They participated with enthusiasm and created their own samples in each technique at the end of the session.

Title of the Event: Saree Draping
Date: 18th September 2019
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Design Lab (C002) Adayalampattu Campus – Phase II

A workshop on "SAREE DRAPING” was conducted on 18th September 2019. Ms. Vedha, Makeup Artist was invited as chief guest for the event.

Saree draping is the process of arranging the fabric or saree around a person or on dress forms. The different styles of draping a saree according to different state and styles like Bengali style, Maharashtrian style, Gujarati style and Tamil Nadu style were shown to the students.

Practical training was given to the students on how to do draping with more than one saree in the morning session. In the afternoon session the students were paired into two and were encouraged to do their own draping styles for their partner.


Title of the Event: Bead Jewellery
Date: 15th October 2019
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Design Lab (C002) Adayalampattu Campus – Phase II

A workshop on "BEAD JEWELLERY” was conducted on 15th October 2019. Mr. Jagadeeswaran, Freelance Jewellery Designer was invited as chief guest for the event.

Bead Jewellery is the art of joining colourful beads using a string or wire. In the workshop they learnt the process of making bead jewellery with the tools used for making jewellery. Single Layered and multi layered bead techniques were taught for accessories like necklace and earrings.

At the end of the session the students created unique designs of neckpiece and earring. They learnt the process of matching the beads according the size and outfit to be worn for different occasions. They can also start with a small scale business by designing and selling their products.







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