The major goal of social work is to improve human well-being and help to meet the basic needs of all people. Social workers help empower individuals, especially those who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty. Social workers are committed to social justice and enhancing the quality of life for individuals, families, groups, communities and systems.

Department of Social Work

The Bachelor of Social Work Curriculum provides a foundation for social work practices. Social Workers are trained in the generalist model of social work, which assures that professional social work skills, values, and knowledge can be applied in working with individuals, groups, families and communities. The Bachelor of Social Work curriculum provides a professional standard of education that can be applied to many diverse settings, populations and problem areas. Social workers will be educated on content such as:

  • Human and cultural diversity
  • Human behavior & social environment
  • General Psychology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Social and economic justice
  • Social welfare policies and services
  • Women Empowerment

Education in the Field

Field study is an integral and essential component of the BSW curriculum. Students gain at least 300 hours of supervised social work practice in a professional curriculum in order to apply classroom learning in the field.

Paving the way for change
  • Orientation to field work
  • Observation visits
  • Skill workshops
  • Interaction with social work practitioners
  • Media workshops
  • Individual conference
  • Group conference

Why BSW at Dr. M.G.R

Opportunity to do internship with 1500 NGO's in southern India

  • Renowned University with state -of-the-art facilities and highly respected professors
  • Only University within Chennai city limits
  • Promotes practical learning, with focus on internships and projects
  • Contains programs for holistic development of the students

Skills required for a Social Worker

  • Social Justice Awareness
  • Objectivity
  • Empathy
  • Resiliency
  • Professionalism

Areas of Work

  • Child Welfare
  • Social and Human service assistant
  • Health Educator
  • Social Science Research Assistant
  • Social Work Teacher
  • School Counselor
  • Health care social worker

Programs Offered



B.A. - Social Work


Curriculum and Syllabus with CO-PO Mapping

BoS Minutes

Entrepreneurship/Skill Development

Elective / CBCS


Full Time

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Faculty Details

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Ms. A. Aarthi Anusuya

Assistant Professor


Ms. Vishnu Priya. S

Assistant Professor


Ms. A. Sara Haseen

Assistant Professor


Ms. S.Keerthana

Assistant Professor


Ms. N.Srijaya

Assistant Professor