The Department of Defence and Strategic Studies (DODASS) deals with the education of military systems and national security. The course is crafted to understand the strategies and defence management among the civilians of a country. The course is for the students who are willing to serve our nation in various defence forms. It covers the study of Geopolitics, Military Geography, Defence Economics, Nuclear policies etc. It also includes domestic and strategic challenges our national defence and security interests.

The course aims to promote the development of military education and national security among the students. Ample job opportunities are available at Indian army, Air Force, Education corps, defence journalism, Civil services and Public Service Commission.

This course offers broad knowledge on national security and functioning of international relations and various techniques adopted by nation - states in resolving their issues relating to peace and security. The course focuses on relating such techniques to India’s security and that of understanding past approaches to India’s national security under different regimes. The course inculcates and imparts knowledge on defence/ strategic affairs thereby inculcating intellectual aptitude required for young minds who want to take defence/security as a career. Finally it aims to create a pool of trained planners, analysts, strategists and thinkers who are specialists in this field and also motivates young men and women to take up armed forces as their career.

  • To constantly and consistently strive to change young people both internally in values, habit, and morals as well as externally in attitude, behavior, thus grooming them for a prospective career in armed/ allied services.
  • To create Student-centric approach in teaching and learning thereby ensuring confidence and an ability to pursue a career in defence/security field. To work towards academic and Industrial collaborations in terms of research and placements for the Students in security related organization/industry.
  • To provide access to quality higher education in the field of defense & strategic studies and to promote competence to address challenges in a fast changing world.
  • To encourage Students to choose their career in Uniformed Services like Army ,Navy, Air Force, Para Military Forces, Intelligence Services (IB), State Police Departments, Security Officers in Multinational Companies, Strategic Analysts , Security Advisors etc.
What's Taught
Strategic Study of India, Political Science, Fundamentals of War and Peace, Human Rights, Criminology, National Security, International Relations, Economics, Art of warfare, World Military History, Environmental Science, Defence Economics, Defence Management, International Law, Journalism, Reading and Writing

Strengths of the Department of Defence & Strategic Studies
  • The campus where the course is conducted is located in the heart of the Chennai city.
  • The faculty are all well trained in the subject with both good academic qualification and experience.
  • The facilities provided for teaching are of high standards with modern teaching tools as part of the curriculum.
  • There are many other courses like which the department will introduce in addition to regular degree course in order to fully equip the student to face the outside world.
  • The department will conduct periodical seminars, conferences, lectures on various subjects relating to defence and security inviting experts, govt. officials and foreign dignitaries and also arrange for field visit for students to various defence installations.
Advisor: Major Madhan Kumar

Additional Courses Offered (Add On Programs)
These programs are value addition to the main course of B.A. DEFENCE AND STRATEGIC STUDIES, few such programs are
  • Diploma in Security Management
  • Certificate course in Behavioral Psychology
  • Foreign language certificate course in(Spanish, German, French, Russian etc)
Career Opportunities
  • Jobs as analysts at think tanks, corporate firms that specialize in international relations and policy research, defence establishments, Army, Navy, coast guard, security officers at private companies.
  • Will equip students to face combined defence examination, join armed forces as officers, civil services (UPSC/TNPSC)
Scope in Academic

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D in
  • Defence and Strategic Studies
  • International Relations
  • Politics and International Studies
  • Political Science
  • History
  • Criminology
  • Social Work
  • Public Policy and Governance
  • Area Studies etc.

Programs Offered

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Course

B.A. - Defence and Strategic Studies


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Competency/ Employability/
Entrepreneurship/Skill Development

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Full Time

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