Memorandum of Understanding

MOU Signing Ceremony

S.No. Date Name Of Delegates Foreign University Country
1 University of South Australia
2 University of RAK
3 26/09/2017 Mr. Sunny Lee Ming Chi University Taiwan
4 21/11/2017 Dr. Daniel Chatham - Associate Dean Namseoul University South Korea
5 30/11/2017 Mr. M. Mayilsamy,
Manager-business Development
Hiyoshi India
Ecological Services Pvt. Ltd
6 01/03/2018


Mr. Megat Nazahar
Director Business Development &
International Affairs
AIMST University Malaysia Malaysia
7 13/07/2018 Mr. Austin Brown
Regional Director and Dr. Fang Cai-Deputy Dean
Anglia Ruskin University UK
8 15/07/2018 Dr. Theyvendran MDIS Singapore
9 27/07/2018 Mr. Yinghuei Chen Asia University Taiwan
10 04/10/2018 Delegates Yuan ze University Taiwan
11 17/12/2018 Delegates I-Shou University Taiwan
12 17/12/2018 Ms. Chang and Dean Mr. Chris CTBC Business School Taiwan
13 19/02/2019 Prof. Chang hsueh
Wei, Dean College of Life Science and
Prof. Sodio HSU, Chih- Neng - Chairman along with Thirteen Professors from various departments of KMU and
Mr. Charles Li, Director General - Taipei Economic and cultural centre
KMU Taiwan
14 27/09/2019 Xu Xiaomei - Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Dr. Su - Qun Cao - Professor Dean of Electronic Information Engineering Huaiyin Institute of Technology China
15 20/11/2019 1)Dr. Hilmi Mukhtar- Deputy Vice chancellor
2)Mr. Zaimizi Hamdani - Director of Institute of Autonomous System and Assoc.Prof.
3)Dr.Vijanth Sagayan - Director of Institute of Autonomous System
Institute of Technology Petronas Malaysia