Student and Faculty Exchange Programs

The OIR of the University was commenced with a prime objective of supporting students and faculty alike. The OIR team interacts with the Universities located abroad and sources for potential opportunities for our students and faculty. Students across all the branches are eligible to apply for the program after fulfilling mandatory requirements specified by the University. The nature of the program varies depending upon the University and on the topic of mutual interest evinced by our students and opportunities that are available in the foreign university. The duration of the program will be of minimum 2 months and a maximum of 6 months. Students are encouraged to gain knowledge obtain good scores in their term end examinations. The University enters into a Memorandum of Understanding with the corresponding counterpart located abroad indicating the broad of interest. The program has benefited more than 100 students. The OIR team conducts periodic workshops for the students in order to create awareness of international opportunities so that students can take advantage of their services and come out with flying colors when they graduate from the University.

The objective of this program is to usher in research focus amongst the faculty members by collaborating with foreign universities in order to understand the best of breed standards and keep abreast with the latest technologies in their respective areas. This program is supported under the aegis of faculty development scheme organized by the Chancellor/President. The prospective faculty members are encouraged to apply for the scheme based on the fulfillment of minimum requirements.

Dr.M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute possesses a lab for all engineering departments for carrying out research. However, cutting edge research is the vision of the management. Hence in order to percolate research focus across the faculty the university has rolled out this exchange program. Under this scheme the faculty can spend a maximum of one year. In order to implement this, Dr.M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute has evolved a process for identifying opportunities for the faculty and taking it forward.Till now faculty from all the departments have benefited from this program.

S. No. Academic Year & Duration Name of the Program University, Country Number of Participants Name of the Participants
1 27th October to 29th October 2017 Mozilla festival 2017 [Read More...]
Ravensbourne University, UK 3 - Students Gowtham
M. Jaya Preethi
LikithaReddy Nalubolu
2 - Faculty Mrs. U. Indumathi
Dr. P.S. Rajakumar
2 11th to 22nd December 2017 Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Big Data Analytics [Read More...]
Taipei Medical University, Taiwan 6 - Students K. Mugesh
P. Suganthi
Mohammed Nafeel
A. RamyaarulRose
J. P. Sweatha
R. Sonal
1 - Faculty Dr. G. Kalpana
3 2nd June to 4th August 2018 Research Internship [Read More...]
University of North Dakota, USA 2 - Students M. Jaya Preethi
M. Jaya Balaji
4 16th July to 20th July 2018 Asia Student Summit [Read More...]
Asia Student Summit, Seoul, South Korea 3 - Students MD Jaffar Hussian
Kajol S Khanna
Mohana Preethi
1 - Faculty J. Sowmiya
5 25th to 30th July 2018 Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest 2018[Read More...]
National Pingtung University of science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan 6 - Students M. Shahid Modi
Swajay Jayanth Chaudhary SathishkumarSubendran Aakash Reddy Murugadasan
Madheshwaran.L MelwinKingsly.J
2 - Faculty Dr. Rajeswary Hari
Dr. J. Arun Kumar
6 29th July to 12th August 2018 Delightful Istanbul Summer School Program "Genetics Working with DNA" [Read More...]
Istanbul Ayidin University, Turkey 5 - Students Mohammed Hamza.N
Atchaya. K
Saravanan. M
Prathiksha Prabhakar
1 - Faculty Dr. K.G. Purushotham
7 26th to 28th October 2018 Mozilla Festival 2018 [Read More...]
Ravensbourne University, UK 7 - Students Nikita Singh
Nali Tejaswi
Sakthi Anand
Gokul Krishnan
Saichaithanya Raju
Thomas Wilson
1- Faculty Dr. Kanya
8 18th to 26th January 2019 Theory and practice in Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy [Read More...]
Universiti Di Pisa, Italy 7 - Students T. Shriram
G. Zainaf Nisha
Pooja pushkarani.P
Sarah. A.H
Nithya Shree.H
V. Dhivya
Raghavi Suresh
1- Faculty Dr. K. Gomathi
9 18th January to 1st February 2019 BIM Technologies and Energy Efficient Buildings [Read More...]
St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia 7-Students P. Sandhya
E. Vignesh Kumar
R. Rahul
Mohammed Muzzamil Ahmed
Ajay Kumar
Ramesh Gnaneswari
1- Faculty Dr. T. Felix Kala
10 7th February to 1st April 2019 Artificial Intelligence Project in Connection with AI Nexus Ltd. (London) [Read More...]
Sheffield Hallam University, UK 4-Students Mr. Charan Singh. R
Mr. Vijayakumar. A
Ms. Sadia Afreen. A
Ms. Akshaya.B
2 - Faculty Dr.T.V. Ananthan
Dr. T. Godhavari
11 17th to 24th February 2019 Data Analysis and Applications using Python, Signals and Systems [Read More...] Yuan Ze University, Taiwan 6 - Students K. Sriram Sachin
C. V. Yogalakshmi
Suriya Prakash Rajan
S. P. Suresh Raj
P. Mathuri
K.S. Supraja
1 - Faculty Dr. Fareeza Fayaz
12 26th to 24th July 2019 International Summer Semester Program on Artificial Intelligence [Read More...] Sung
KyunKwan University, South Korea
1 - Student Mr. Edwin George Cherin
13 8th to 30th July 2019 Web Design [Read More...] Asia University, Taiwan 4- Students Arul Ganesh. R
Praveen Raj
Mohammed Aslam. I Pavithran. T
1 - Faculty Dhanush Ram. T.P
14 15th to 26th July 2019 Fin Tech [Read More...] Asia University, Taiwan 6 - Students Johnson
Monohar. H.G
Hari Prakash. A
Ali Asgar Khandwawala
Mathew Branesh. A
Arun . T Sojan
1 - Faculty Devendran . A
15 16th to 29th July 2019 Artificial Intelligence [Read More...] Asia University, Taiwan 5 - Students C. N. Sakthi Gana Sundar
Saravana Balaji. S
P. Harish
Kundan Roy
V. Devendhiran
1 - Faculty Dr. M. Anand
16 29th July to 29th September 2019 Research Internship in Communication Electronics Technology [Read More...] Huayin Institute of Technology, China 3 - Students Sai Kiran
A. Praveen Kumar
17 1st August to 1st October 2019 Internship Training Course at the Faulty of Science and Marine Environment Universiti Malaysia Terangganu, Malaysia 3 - Students PruthivRajan
Yogesh. R
J. Joel
18 24th August to 16th September 2019 Design Collaborative Summer School Program [Read More...] South Ural State University, Russia 10 - Students Swethaa Sri
A. Swetha Joseline
Antony Joe.V
Dhinakar. R
Akhilandeswari .S
Dhassanth. S.D
Hemalatha. G
Sharon Rose Aishwariya. J
Sivapathi. G. A.
1- Faculty Ar. Mookambika. BA
19 25th to 27th October 2019 Mozilla Festival 2019 [Read More...] Ravensbourne University, UK 4 - Students Sakthi anand. P
Vishal Kumar Pandy
Sahil Kumar
Yash Chaubey
20 13th to 24th January 2020 Sustainable Waste Management Including Landfill and Landfill Mining [Read More...] University of Texas, Arlington, USA 4 - Students U. Sathish
R. Rahul
Mohammed Muzamil Ahmed
E. Vigneshkumar
1- Faculty Dr. Edwin Thangam
21 27th January to 7th February 2020 Winter School Program on Turbo machinery [Read More...] St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia 7 - Students Rajeswari
Abishek Joshua
1 - Faculty Bhagyalakshmi.P