In the year 2019, the Department of Biomedical Engineering was established. UG Programme B.Tech(BME) in Biomedical Engineering is available through the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Research is being conducted by faculty members, and they are publishing their findings at conferences and peer-reviewed international journals. Our academic members are experts in biosignal and medical image processing, rehabilitation engineering, and biomedical instrumentation, among other fields.
The department has Signed MoUs for faculty development, student placement, and training with businesses and research institutions. Our core curriculum includes visits to hospitals, equipment manufacturing and maintenance facilities, industries, and research centres to give students hands-on experience in these fields. All students participate in industrial training and project training to advance their practical and job-related expertise.
Biomedical Engineering is a field that applies engineering principles to healthcare and medicine. It involves developing technologies and solutions to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Biomedical engineers work on areas such as medical imaging, biomaterials, biomechanics, medical devices, and robotics. Their goal is to advance medical technology and enhance patient care.
We envision a department that renders services continuously to meet the requirements of the changing world in Biomedical Industry by educating the students for a global competition in line with Institution’s Mission.
M1:Enhance the quality of education by continuously updating curriculum and syllabi in correlation with the current trends
M2:Impart the students with latest technical and industry-oriented software skills required for problem solving, design, testing and implementation of solutions in modern Biomedical and other related industries
M3:Enrich entrepreneurial skills that contributes to social-economic growth by utilizing the advanced technologies in Biomedical field
M4:Kindle their creative skills and encourage them to be innovators and provide a path for research and higher education
M5:Enlighten their communication skills and team spirit such that they reach out efficiently to the public on management, deal various situations practicing ethics.

Programme Educational Objectives(PEO)
PEO1: To educate students for successful careers in Biomedical Engineering. Emphasis is placed upon mastering the fundamentals of engineering and biology, the ability to solve engineering problems, and understanding the creative process of engineering design.
PEO2:To educate students for successful careers in Biomedical Engineering, emphasizing the fundamentals of engineering and biology related to basic medical sciences and human health
PEO3:To develop in students professional, ethical, and societal responsibility in Biomedical Engineering practices.
PEO4: To make the students to develop paramount of the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times.
PEO5:To make the students  to emerge as recognized experts in the field of biomedical engineering, and serve in positions of leadership in academics, government, medicine, or industry.

Programme Outcomes(PO)
PO1:Apply the knowledge of science and mathematics in designing, analyzing and using biomedical equipments for various hospital and clinical applications.
PO2:Design the modern biomedical machines, its driver circuits, power circuits, and control circuits for specific application.
PO3:Ability to identify, analyze and solve real-life engineering problems in the area of Biomedical and provide strategic solutions satisfying the safety, cultural, societal and environmental aspects/ needs
PO4:Ability for continued pursuance of research and to design, develop and propose theoretical and practical methodologies towards research and development support for the Biomedical equipment in the hospital and clinical area.
PO5:Ability to develop and utilize modern tools for modeling, analyzing and solving various Engineering problems related to Biomedical Instrumentation
PO6:Willingness and ability to work in a team of engineers/ researchers with mutual understandings to take unsophisticated challenges, in the field of Biomedical Instrumentation, lead and motivate the group to inculcate multidisciplinary and collaborative approach.
PO7:Willingness and ability to take up administrative challenges including the management of various projects of interdisciplinary nature and carry out the same in an efficient manner giving due consideration to societal, environmental, economic and financial factors
PO8:Ability to express ideas clearly and communicate orally as well as in writing with others in an effective manner, adhering to various national and international standards and practices for the documentation and presentation of the contents
PO9:Individual and team work: Function finer as an individual, and as a affiliate or baton in assorted teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
PO10:Communication: Communicate finer on circuitous engineering activities with the engineering association and with association at large, such as, getting able to appreciate and address able letters and architecture documentation, accomplish able presentations, and accord and accept bright instructions
PO11:Project management and finance: Demonstrate ability and compassionate of the engineering and administration attempt and administer these to one‘s own work, as a affiliate and baton in a team, to administer projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
PO12:Life-long learning: Recognize the charge for, and accept the alertness and adeptness to appoint in absolute and life-long acquirements in the broadest ambience of abstruse change.

Programme Specific Objectives(PSO)
PSO1:Graduates will be strong enough in mastering the fundamentals of engineering and biology, the ability to solve engineering problems, and understanding the creative process of engineering design.
PSO2:Graduates will administer software abilities in developing algorithms for analytic healthcare accompanying problems in assorted fields of medical sector.
PSO3:Graduates will familiarize on arising information and communication technologies (ICT) to innovate ideas and solutions for accepted civic and accurate issues thereby developing indigenous medical instruments that are on par with the absolute technology

Programs Offered