Our Vision is to offer renowned consultancy services with global standards by adhering to strong ethical principles and construct a value for sharing our technical knowledge and resources with our stakeholders.
Our Mission to develop long-term and strategic partnerships with our clients, and help them to transform today's challenges into tomorrow's successes. And we are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations in providing excellent service, unexpected quality and outstanding value to our people, clients and partners.
  • To promote strong partnerships with industry for consultancy, technology transfer, and development of skilled training
  • To identify and preserve the intellectual property related to consultancy
  • To motivate technical inventions and commercialization
  • To disseminate knowledge
  • To establish international collaborations

Step 1: Assess your strengths and skill set
  • Identify the area of expertise
  • Choose the industry accordingly - need not be a large scale firm. Initially select small start-ups who will support your work
  • Have a frequent email communication to identify their requirement and see if it satisfies your domain expertise
  • Prepare a project proposal along with the budget and duration with milestones - Figure out what your market needs - Set your pricing
  • Proposal should clearly indicate the deliverable or technology that the industry will receive from the individual faculty
  • It could also be interdisciplinary - You need to have a principal and co-investigator as usual
Step 2. After scrutiny the industry accepts your proposal - sanction letter will be sent by the industry to the individual faculty
Step 3. With the sanction letter take the approval from the concerned Authority.
Step 4. Prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) - to maintain the secrecy of trade and to quantify the terms and conditions.
Step 5. Categorization of Staff based on their expertise - The first stage of the work will be completed and report submitted - you receive the first portion of the payment along with a work completion certificate for every stage. The process continues in stages till you complete the entire work.
Step 6. Once the work is completed - A letter of completion will be issued by the industry to the faculty - Skill set Elevation
Step 7. Documents to be preserved - Stay organized and deliver results
  • Procedure to Seek Consultancy
  • Email communications
  • Detailed Proposal with budget and time schedule
  • Sanction letter
  • MoU
  • Stage wise report consolidation
  • Cheque copy /Bank Statements
  • Letter of completion
  • Utilization Certificate
The above procedure is applicable for the Consultancy projects Obtained / offered by the faculty or Industry
Industries offering consultancy projects or seeking consultancy services from our institution may send your requests to the mail id :

Proforma for Seek Consultancy
Proforma for Utilization Certificate
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