International Students Cell

Non - Resident Indians (NRI)/Persons of Indian Origin (PIO)/ Foreign students (herein after called international students) to our Institution receive encouragement, guidance and support through our International Student Support Cell.

All our foreign students can avail pickup and drop facilities from Chennai airport, medical services at our hospitals, dispute resolution with fellow students/staff, compulsory mentoring services and language and cultural integration with the general public.

Foreign students requiring hostel and stay within/off campus housing can be coordinated through our office. Please drop a mail to Our office, located in Room 202, Ramanujam block can help with compliance requirements regarding government visa formalities, e-ffro registrations etc.

A student's life at our University begins pre-arrival to Chennai. During this phase, we support his integration with our University with Pre-Arrival Information.

Pre Arrival Information

All admitted students are given information through a Student Manual/Handbook. The student handbook contains information regarding life on campus, govt requirements, contact information.All students are contacted and we provide information on housing/hostel requirements, tuition fee payments, important dates to remember, items to bring along and provide us their travel information for us to coordinate.

We also provide "Buddy Services". Buddy service refers to connecting admitted students with current or graduated students from the same country so he could feel at "home" prior to his travel.

Orientation programs

Our office acts as the first stop for International students and we work for their overall development during their stay at the University. Every student has to go through an orientation program to understand and help with his way around the University. Since different faculties have different start dates, we run multiple orientation programs. Given the current pandemic scenario, we run online orientation programs. We strongly encourage students to attend these programs as support services become more acute during these trying times.
  • For the academic year 2020-2021 We conducted an Orientation Program for international students through Google Meet on 20th Nov 2020 for more details [Click Here].

  • For the academic year 2021-2022 We conducted an Orientation Program through Google Meet on 16th December 2021 for more details [Click Here].

Mentoring Support

Students are counselled every year through compulsory mentoring sessions to generate a pleasant student experience while with us. These student mentoring sessions covers all aspects from student life to academic achievements, financial issues, personal issues, cultural adjustments and other positive student development information.

A minutes of the meeting are recorded and tracked to help him in his development.

The activities of Our office are presented to the following International Student Cell office bearers.

International Student admitted details [Click Here]


International Student Cell Members


P Dinesh Kumar,

Director-Office of International Admissions

Staff Members:

Dr.Felix Kala-JR,Student Welfare

Dr.Kalpana- HOD,AHS

Dr.Kanya-HOD,Information Technology

Dr.Rengaraj- Director,Domestic Admissions

Students Members:
Ms.Vashnavee Asokan BA LLB (2020-2025) Malaysia

Ms.Janani Mannasingaram -BDS(2018-2023) Sri Lanka