The Department of Physics at Dr.M.G.R.Educational and Research Institute, University, a fully accredited and comprehensive institution, came into existence in the year 1988 as a servicing department teaching Engineering Physics to the students of Engineering & Technology.In the year 2014, it has became an  independent department  under the faculty of Humanities & Science.The undergraduate program B.Sc. Physics was started in the same year and the two year post graduate programme M.Sc. Physics was started in the year 2019.All the courses offered by the department are unique in its own way and are designed to cater to the requirements and needs of the student community. The department has conducted several levels of bridge courses (for I year B.Tech students) and also remedial classes based on timely demand and requirements. It is one among other major departments that pursues timeless research and also contributes immensely to the field. Most of the Faculty members are Ph.D. holders who have their research publications in well established journals.The department also offers Ph.Dprogramme in several areas of Physics with special focus on Nano technology. It is a matter of pride and elation to mention that the department admits average students too and moulds them to attain a steady and respected level in their future career. The student strength increases in arithmetical progression year after year and the department leaves no stone unturned in striving to increase it exponentially in the forthcoming years.


  • Under Graduate Programme was established in 2014.
  • Degree courses offered: B.Sc. Physics, M.Sc. Physics, Ph.D. (Part time/full time).

  • Gives Internship Opportunities

  • Lays emphasis on practical training and development of analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Gets actively involved in major and minor research projects.

  • Arranges educational visits to research institutes and industries.

  • Organizes seminars and workshops with eminent academicians.

  • Conducts Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on a regular basis.

  • Follows Digital Learning Methods.


The department plans to enhance its method of teaching and learning by introducing E-learning through Digital Learning and also Information Communication Technology (ICT)


Training students for quality education,nurturingenthusiasm,building foundation for excellence,developing passion towards the study of Physics and continuous improvement of  scientific research.


  • To provide high quality education,equipping students to compete globally and create a sense of ethical responsibilities among students
  • To support  the sustainable developmental activities of the institute and make the department vibrant and excel in various disciplinces of knowledge

  • To develop and accept the challenges  in physics and disseminate knowledge of the subject to upcoming generations to contribute to the betterment of society

  • To encourage the students towards observation and analysis of the natural  surroundings by contributing effectively to the existing laws of nature

  • To dedicate oneself towards teaching commitment to students and igniting innovative methods to accomplish.


We believe our students and their performance only can act as our perfect testimonial. So our main objective is that to impart quality education to our students with best available facilities. It is our greatest objective to obtain consistent and excellent results that would serve as our resume.




Under Graduate Courses (3 years)

  • B.Sc.  Physics
  • B.Sc. Applied Physics

  • B.Sc. Electronic science

  • B.Sc. Physics with nano science

  • B.Sc. Physics with Laser Technology

  • B.Sc. Material science and

  • B.Sc. Physics with computer applications

Post Graduate Courses (2 years)

  • M.Sc.  Physics
  • M.Sc. Applied Physics

  • M.Sc. Electronic science

  • M.Sc. Physics with nano science

  • M.Sc. Physics with Laser Technology

  • M.Sc. Material science and

  • M.Sc. Physics with computer applications


The department has good infrastructure with Smart Classrooms, Independent laboratory to conduct  B.Sc.and MSc practicals, Well equipped Lecture halls, Separate room for research scholars, Independent research laboratories to excel research findings.It provides excellent ambiance for teaching and learning activities. Members of the department enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi to update themselves in their quest for knowledge.


Physics lab I- General Lab
  • Provides service to the Research community.
  • Gives Innovative Training  to Students.

  • Brings pioneering models in the Lab.

  • Has Tie-ups with other physics Laboratories in and around popular colleges

Physics Lab II – Electronics Lab

  • Intensifies  Electrical and Electronic knowledge
  • Provides ideas about online Circuit Simulators.

  • Enables in performing experiments through Computer simulations.


The Department of Physics has an exclusive library with a total volume of 352books  under the following major topics:Crystallography

  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics
  • Quantum Physics

  • Mathematical Physics

  • Thermodynamics

  • Laser

  • Sound

  • Optics and Spectroscopy

  • Engineering Physics


The department enjoys two well equipped  smart rooms with high end projectors which pave the way for enhancing teaching methods through Informative Communication Technology (ICT)



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