The Department of Chemistry, Dr.M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute is one of the emerging intellectual departments in science and technology. The Department started its service as a supporting department in the year 1988 and flourished into a full- fledged one under the Deemed to be University status from 2003 onwards. The Department offers various UG and PG courses and research program. The Faculty members of the Department are well trained in teaching as well as research and the Department shines with maximum doctorates.


To support and advance the learning, teaching and research activities by creating a workplace environment that encourages development of professional and personal growth and integrity with responsibility towards health, safety and environmental protection.


To encourage students to be more creative, inquisitive and to understand the technology based on chemical science concepts. To make students imbibe the value of inter disciplinary thinking by providing them with educational and research opportunities in application oriented chemistry.

Quality Policy

Our policy is to train the graduate students to face the challenges of the technology based advancements   by providing them with ample opportunities to enrich their research and analytical skills. The chemistry department is committed to perform research on pure and applied chemistry by promoting the development of innovative inter- disciplinary research programmes.



Courses Offered

Under Graduate Courses

B.Sc - Chemistry

B.Sc - Industrial Chemistry

B.Sc - Medicinal Chemistry

B.Sc - Applied Chemistry


Post Graduate Courses

M.Sc - Chemistry

M.Sc - Nano Chemistry

M.Phil - Chemistry



Highly equipped UG and PG laboratories are available for the students to deepen the knowledge in theory and procedures in experiments. The computer based chemical analysis lab, Cheminformatics laboratory equipped with advanced software Gaussian 16 and ChemDraw professional enable the students to work with Molecular modeling simulation.


There are two chemical analysis laboratories separately for UG and PG courses equipped with all necessary equipments like corrosive resistance digital balance, hot air oven, centrifuge machine, conductivity meter, potentiometer, magnetic stirrer, heating mantle, temperature-controlled water bath, etc. The lab is built in facility to attend lecture and experiment.



The lab is equipped with computers installed with advanced software ‘Gaussian 16’ and ‘ChemDraw professional’ for the students to work with Molecular modeling simulation.


The department has a library comprising over 500 books. The library is in built to facilitate students to have subjective learning and discussion with staff while studying. The library has a varied collection of different branches of chemistry like inorganic, organic, physical, analytical, spectroscopy, etc.. authored by national and international experts. The department aims to strengthen the library with more books every semester enabling easy accessibility and availability to all students. Moreover, there are chemistry books and journals in the central library for anyone in the campus to read and access at any time.

Association & Activities

Chem Expo is a Project Exhibition conducted for the students of B.Sc Chemistry to showcase their hidden knowledge in chemistry in the form of activities and explanations. The in-depth understanding, presentation and creativity of students is competed and well appreciated with cash prize and certificates. The following are the details of projects done over the years.
  • Project expo on title "Properties of Matter” was conducted on 09.08.2019.
  • Project expo on title "Adulteration in Food” was conducted on 1st October 2018.

  • Molecular Modelling Expo – Chemica 2018 was held on 21st February 2018.

  • Project exhibition on "Applications of Chemistry” was held on 9th October 2017.

  • Chemical magic show cum project exhibition was conducted on 2nd November 2016.

  • In view to inculcate an awareness about microscale analysis among the teaching fraternity; a state level faculty development workshop on "Microscale Analysis” was conducted on 06.09.2019.

  • To induce knowledge on different softwares (Chem draw and Gaussian 16) utilised in chemistry among students, a one day workshop on: "Chem Informatics” was organised on 1st March 2019.

  • On 07.09.2018, a workshop was conducted at SAIF, IIT Madras for the students of B.Sc and M.Sc to experience handling of analytical instruments.

A science awareness program (ISR event) was conducted on 29th January 2019 for students of two government schools to create awareness on science and its concepts.

The motive of conducting Guest lecture / Technical talk for students is to gain knowledge about various fields in chemistry.

  • Mr.R.Sathya Selvan, Sr.Officer, QC, Raj Petro Specialities Pvt Ltd, gave a technical talk on Industry based learning on 27th march 2019.
  • Dr.L.S.Jayakumari, Assoc.Professor, Rubber & Plastics Technology, MIT, Anna University delivered a lecture on "Conservation of Nature” on 27th July 2018.

  • Dr.M.Selvanayagam, Dean Research, Regional Director of Academics Operation – Asia,  Loyola College, Madras University delivered a guest lecture on "Air Pollution and its effects” on 31st January 2018.

  • Guest lecture on "Environmental effects” was given by Dr.N.Natchimuthu, Professor, Dept. of Rubber & Plastics Technology, MIT Campus, Anna University on 29th August 2017.

  • A special talk on "Career development” was given by Mr.R.K.Raj, Director, C-CAT, on 22nd March 2017.

  • Dr.V.Narayanan, Assoc.Professor, Dept. of Inorganic Chemistry, Univ. of Madras, delivered a special talk on "Synthesis of Nanomaterials” on 24th February 2017.

  • A guest lecture on Ultrasound was given by Dr.N.S.Subashree, Additional Dean, Dept. of Physics, Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute on 25th October 2016.

  • A guest lecture on Separation Techniques by Dr.P.Udhayakala, HoD, Chemistry, Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute was delivered on 25th October 2016.

  • Dr.T.S.Saravanan, Res. Coordinator, Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute gave a special talk on Cancer Awareness on 20th April 2016.

  • Dr. A. Thirunavukarasu, Dean, Research, Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute, gave a special talk on Role of students in science on 18th April 2016.