Hindi is the national language of our country. It is one among the 22 official languages of the country and widely spoken as a medium of communication all over India. Bachelor of Hindi aims at educating students about the rich heritage of our ancient Language and Literature. In this course, students learn the modern form of Hindi language developed from Sanskrit, Urdu, Khadi Boli and various other Vernacular forms of Hindi.

Students are introduced to the concepts of the language through the study of history of Hindi literature, prose, plays, applied grammar, linguistics etc. The course is beneficial for the students who wish to pursue their career as writers, playwrights, teachers, translators in Indian embassies in foreign countries or as central government employees, journalists.

Career options in Hindi Main Courses:

Colleges University, News and Media, Telecalling, Govt. offices as Hindi translators, Hindi Assts. And Teachers in Govt. Schools, Travel Agents, consultants, Hindi officers in Banks , content writers,  Data Entry Operators, Lawyers, journalists, TV anchors etc.




  • B.A. Hindi


  • M.A. Hindi