Dr MGR Educational & Research Institute strongly believes in the importance of comprehensive & holistic education that provides a multi-disciplinary perspective to the young minds. Organizations need well rounded creative individuals with knowledge of multiple disciplines, possessing multiple skills, and good critical, analytical, communication & leadership skills. Liberal arts education in our University equips students with knowledge of multiple disciplines, a unique blend of Humanities, Management, Science, & Arts, an ability to synthesize this knowledge, develop critical thinking & leadership qualities, analytical & communication skills, research mind set, and a global orientation. Our liberal arts degree offers a holistic program which blends multi, inter and trans-disciplinary learning focused on employability. Students engage with diversity of disciplines and are given the flexibility to choose their Major & Minor from a range of options. In today’s hybrid work place, unique combinations of subjects & knowledge of multiple disciplines, a thrust on developing communication & leadership skills, a teaching pedagogy that focuses on creative & analytical thinking, experiential learning, internships & research, and discussion & debates opens up multiple growth avenues for students.

Dr MGR Educational & Research Institute offers students the opportunity to study a 3 year BA (Liberal Arts) with specialization in Business Management or 4 year BA Honors (Liberal Arts) with specialization in Business Management. We focus on building a strong foundation for the future of our students by providing a multi-disciplinary perspective and striking a balance between theory & practical learning, classroom & experiential knowledge, and a learning environment that gives space for personal growth by developing competencies required for employability, team work & leadership.

Minimum eligibility: +2 pass

Unique Features


  • Diverse study offering four years program with high quality of education.

  • A degree that provides numerous career options.

  • Curriculum involves knowledge of Art, Science, Management, Literature, Languages, Music, Philosophy, Politics, History, Law and Mathematics.

  • Holistic Education with focus on Personality development and Employability.

  • Opportunity to pursue final year Project in Foreign Universities.

  • Internships, projects, experiential learning application oriented teaching pedagogy.




  • BA (Liberal Arts) - 3 years
  • BA Honors (Liberal Arts)- 4 years