International Journal from Department CSE & MCA (ACS-IJCI)

Advance Computing Science International Journal of Computational Intelligence (ACS-IJCI) provides a forum for scientists, researchers, engineers and academicians to share their innovative ideas and research in the field of computer engineering and software technology. The objective of the ACS-IJCI is to bridge the research community and technology developers from academia and industry.

Computational intelligence is a well-established paradigm, where new theories with a sound biological understanding have been evolving. The current experimental systems have many of the characteristics of biological computers and are beginning to be built to perform a variety of tasks that are difficult or impossible to do with conventional computers. In a nutshell, which becomes quite apparent in light of the current research pursuits, the area is heterogeneous as being dwelled on such technologies as neuro computing, fuzzy systems, probabilistic reasoning, artificial life, evolutionary algorithms, multi-agent systems and so on.

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