Appeal to Dr.MGR Alumni


Appeal to Dr.MGR Alumni

Dr M.G.R. Alumni association is in progress to release "Dr. M.G.R. Alumni profile Book” version 1.0 within a month. In this regard all the departments have already collected the information from the alumni under the following categories:

Submission of Dr.MGR Alumni Entrepreneurs profile Book

Submission of Dr. MGR Industry Alumni profile Book

Submission of Dr. MGR Academic Alumni Profile Book

"We are allocating one page for each eligible alumnus in Dr.MGR profile book”

This privilege can be availed by self nominating yourself under the categories mentioned above. We have received nearly 500 and above registration through the respective department Alumni Staff Coordinators till today.

We had given an open call for all the eligible alumni those who aren’t registered through Alumni Staff Coordinators to submit the nomination and be the part of Dr.MGR Alumni Profile book.

We also congratulate those alumni, who had already enrolled for themselves through alumni coordinators.

The open call for accepting the data will remain open till 10th April 2021.

For any queries in this regard feel free to address

Dean EPA office

M.No :  +91 8072489026, Email us at: