Dr.MGR-ACS Satellite Mission 2022

Dr.MGR-ACS Satellite
75 Student’s Satellite’s Mission -2022

In commemoration of country’s 75th Independence Day, this year, Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri.Narendra Modi during his address to the Global Leaders at the 76th United Nations General Assembly at Newyork, USA on Saturday,25th September 2021, mentioned about the Unique Indian Initiative of "75 Students Satellites mission”. In this regard, Indian Technology Congress Association (ITCA), Bangalore has been working on the "75 Student’s Satellites Mission-2022” programme in collaboration with TSC Technologies, Bangalore and Institutions that would be developing and launching their own student - built satellites by 2022.
Beyond excelling at various academic programmes, Dr.MGRERI joins PM’s vision to design, build, integrate and test its student-built satellite namely Dr.MGR-ACS Satellite
Dr.MGRERI will launch the satellite in this ambitious mission and thus accomplishing the long term goal of Founder Chancellor. The various perspectives on the design strategies are structured by an advisory committee preceded by Dr.A.C.Shanmugam, Founder Chancellor,
Er.A.C.S.Arun Kumar, President, Prof.Dr.D.Viswanathan, Rector (R&D), Prof.Dr.S.Geethalakshmi, Vice Chancellor, and Dr.C.B.Palanivelu, Registrar. The payload of this satellite is to assist the stranded fishermen in the international maritime borders.
The mission will ascertain new insights into developing materials for testing and deployment of a constellation of 75 satellites.
In this regard, an MoU has been signed with Indian Technology Congress (ITCA) Bangalore to meet the objectives of all aspects of Student’s Satellite Mission on 22-12-2021. The MoU Signing Ceremony was held in the presence of Founder Chancellor, Dr.A.C.Shanmugam and Dr.Mylswamy Annadurai, Distinguished Scientist, Director (Rtd) ISRO Satellite Centre.
Now a Team of Students and Staff of Dr.MGRERI are developing the Satellite at Bangalore.
MoU Signing Ceremony
Satellite Development Team comprising of Students and Staff