2nd Penta Reunion - 2018 Alumni


Scintillating Happiness - 2018 Alumni 

2nd PENTA REUNION - 29.04.2023

The Penta Reunion, one of our celebrated events, usually takes place during the month of April every year. We are happy to invite the 2018 course completed students from all destinations to join and to make the event a great success Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute successfully completed its silver jubilee reunions for batches 1991, 1992, 1995, Decennial reunions for batches 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and Penta reunion for 2017 batch.

The 1st Penta Reunion for the 2017 batch was held last year on 23.4.22. Totally 350 alumni from various departments attended the celebration. The event took place in a grand manner with Department Meet in FN session followed by University Meet and concluded with Group photo sessions and delicious lunch in HMCT Bouquet hall at Phase II.

Despite the overwhelming success, we look forward to even better participation this year from the 2018 batch.

We are sure all of us have missed our Dr.MGR days equally and termed it as our Golden days. In these last 5 years, we all have created milestones on personal & Professional fronts. We strongly feel it s time to reorganize the strength within our network and there is a strong need for resources mapping & reach of ours. We are the best and will set & break many records and add numbers of golden feathers to our caps. So friends let s meet, converse and revive our network for shared benefits and start living in the family called The MGRians. Block the date (29.04.2023) of April and register with the link to participate in the event in Offline mode.

Register and pass on the Link to your batch mates: https://drmgrdu.almaconnect.com/event calendar/2nd-penta-reunion-1

Join the Whatsapp Group for more updates: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HKbJmd3QfQoBmAK60ScbvZ

In case of any queries : Contact Joint Registrar EPA office,

Dr. T. KirubaDevi

Deputy Dean Alumni

Phone No: +91 8072489023

Mail ID : alumni@drmgrdu.ac.in