Skill Development Program

Skill Development Program
Emerging Trends in
Autonomous Navigation

Feb 01&02, 2024

Emerging trends in Autonomous Navigation is an area used to solve real time problems and serve human race. The proposed workshop on Emerging Trends in Autonomous navigation is a multi-purpose program designed to disseminate, collect and extract information to and from various sources so as to plan and execute the mission assigned. The workshop is designed with various modules which will enable the students to acquire knowledge and skills related to the development of vehicles with autonomous navigation technology. The participants can gain knowledge on the potential applications of drones in factories, transportation industry, surveillance, power plants and in other daily life. They can acquire knowledge on decision making and path planning capabilities in autonomous vehicles which requires a considerable attention among the researchers, educationalists and Engineering graduates. This workshop will provide enhanced knowledge to the participants in Autonomous Navigation of drones to solve real time problems and serve human race. Avoidance control is the fundamental topics of study and a sub-domain of autonomous navigation. The possibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) in autonomous navigation of drones is extended beyond theoretical knowledge to enhance the accessibility of IoT and AI for offering improvement in defence services to serve public. The unmanned vehicles such as drones have created a path for practical, incessant, and synchronized systems. Collaboration with drone specialists will facilitate the combination of IoT and AI to cater to the needs in real time scenario with better imperativeness. This two days workshop on Emerging trends in Autonomous Navigation will provide knowledge with skill based comprehensive and innovative solutions in the domain of autonomous navigation related to drones including the state of the art technologies like AI and IoT.