Pedaling 4 Freedom


Alumni Naresh Kumar Tandem Cycle Ride

With the generous support of Er A.C.S Arunkumar President of Dr M.G.R Educational and Research Institute, Alumni Ambassador Tandem Cycler NARESH KUMAR embarked on a tandem expedition to raise funds for victims of bonded labour slavery and return the funds collected to the needed organizations in 2019. Naresh Kumar cycled 74 days and 8,646 kilometers across 13 countries on a tandem bike, inviting curious onlookers to hop on and join him for any portion of the journey.
As a result of the success of that expedition and driven by a relentless passion for social justice, Dr MGR Alumni Ambassador Tandem Cycler NARESH KUMAR begun another impactful adventure in the United States of America.  He will be riding a tandem bicycle across the U.S. for 5600km, inviting strangers and friends to join him. His mission is two-fold: to raise awareness about trafficking in the US and to raise funds for organizations dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating victims of trafficking.
Er A.C.S Arunkumar (President of Dr M.G.R Alumni Association) sponsored and partnered the trip and congratulated him for raising funds for organizations that rescue and rehabilitate victims of trafficking.
Visit his website to congratulate him and keep track of his progress @ 
The journey begins 19th May 2024, 6:00PM (IST) at Austoria Riverwalk, Oregon, United States. Dr M.G.R Alumni Association, Office of Joint Registrar (EPA) will track his status and update MGRians and connect MGR Alumni in US with his ride.