BEC App Demonstration



Report On BEC App Demonstration Date: 04-07-2018

Time: 10:00am

Venue: Seminar hall

No of participants: 25

No of staff: 5

The event commenced at 10:00 with Tamil Thaivalthu, hosted by Mr. Hamza Natamkar, student member of the Literary Seminary. The trainer, officials, staff and students were welcomed buy the same and Dr. R. Kowsalya, Coordinator office of international relations introduced the speakers Ms. Shashikala L Narayan and Ms. Elizabeth Mathew followed by a few words of motivation by Dr. L. Ramesh, Dean Academics and Events.

The Speaker asked the students to be divided into 5 groups and asked to discuss about the influence of English in the business field, the students presented their views and further discussion was done by the trainer.

Ms. Shahsikala depicted that English language is always useful in the workplace even if the countries have their own basic language in use. English language is not only for communication but it also develop a type of confidence in person, discussions were held simultaneously on the issues related to business language.

The app (BEC from Cambridge) gives the students a medium to prepare for the BEC Tests and the campustowork.orgportal is for the students who have completed BEC. The students with completed BEC course can register in the portal; the portal connects the students to various companies and organisations who are looking for employees with qualified BEC course.

The portal is like a standardized job portal but only for the qualified BEC students. Hence Students who have done BEC are requested to make use of this opportunity.



The Video of BEC made by Alumni of the Literary Seminary was launched by Dr. L. Ramesh (Dean Academics and Events), Dr. V. Cyril Raj (Dean E&T) and Dr. P. Dinesh Kumar (Director - Office of International Relations).