Pre-Arrival Information for International students

  • Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute is a Deemed to be University situated at prime location of Chennai City. It's an hour drive from Chennai International Airport
  • International students should get valid students visa from Indian Embassy / High Commission located in their respective countries before planning their travel to India
  • Ensure that you obtain visa from Indian Embassy/ High Commission endorsed on the name of University
  • Students should bring Medical/Fitness Certificate issued by an authorized doctor from his/her home land.
  • Students should ensure that all required vaccinations like Covid-19, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Hepatitis etc is administered and carry necessary documents confirming the same
  • Students should notify two weeks in advance by email, his/her arrival schedule with flight details to International Student Cell office for organizing Airport pickup
  • Student should carry all relevant original documents issued by previous institutions i.e. School/College, passport, visa, 15 no's of passport size photographs, along with admission confirmation credentials issued by Dr.MGR E& RI
  • Students are required to kindly consult the Indian Embassy / High Commission in your country to ascertain amount of currency in your possession while traveling. Students can bring Travelers Cheques which can be exchanged either at the airport or in exchange offices / banks etc. Alternatively you can also use International Debit / Credit Cards.
  • Students should confirm with the Indian Embassy about FRRO / Fro processes & procedures.
  • In Chennai city, temperature varies between 30 to 45 degrees Celsius around summer and 20 to 25 degree Celsius around winter. Winter season starts in November and ends in February students are requested to carry necessary clothing like blankets, quilts, woolens, etc.
  • Shopping malls, markets, restaurants, hotels etc are all close by University campus. Hence students can easily access these points to get what they need.
  • In India, electrical standard works on 240V AC. So, if your devices works on a different voltage in your country make sure you have an adapter/converter for your devices. The electrical sockets are mostly 2/3 pin (round holes)

Post-Arrival Information for International students

Upon arrival in India, students will make sure of the following aspects.

  • University will arrange airport pickup for students who have shared their travel itinerary along with flight details with the Office of International Student Cell
  • Student should submit the documents at the Immigration Counter in Chennai Airport and ensure that the passport is stamped.
  • Student should submit all necessary documents at ISC office located at the University and communicate with the reporting officer and be guided to complete admission formalities.
  • Student's must register at FRRO / FRO in Chennai within 14 days from the day of his/her arrival in Chennai. ISC will extend required support to students towards registration. More information can be found in FRRO.pdf document
  • ISC will help students towards medical checkup, getting medical fitness certificate and advice regarding medical insurance process & procedures.

Guidelines for Visa and FRO/FRRO

For latest updates on VISA and FRRO guidelines
kindly visit :


What is a Student Visa?
Depending on the purpose of visit, India offers various kinds of visas. Student Visa is a visa specifically for the students wanting to come to India for education purpose. Generally Student Visas are issued for the duration of the academic course of study or for a period of five years whichever is less on the basis of letters of admission issued by Universities, Recognized Colleges and Educational Institutions in India. However it is the discretion of the Indian High Commission to decide the duration of the Student Visa. The children of NRIs and PIOs cardholders need not procure a Student Visa. Other international students need Student Visa or Research Visa for Doctoral level courses.

What are the pre-requisites for procuring a Student Visa?
In order to apply or be eligible for a Student Visa, you need to conform to the following conditions:-
a) If you are on Government of India scholarships, the respective Indian Missions would be advised by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to issue a regular Student Visa after your admission in an Indian University/Institute is confirmed.
b) If you are coming as a self-financing student, you need to produce admission confirmation letter issued by our University.
c) If you are coming as a research student, synopsis of the research project countersigned by the sponsoring institution in India along with letter of approval and No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned Ministries in India should be submitted for processing your visa.
Note: Processing of applications for research may take about three months.

Can I get the visa even if I don't have a confirmed admission letter?
If you are not having confirmation letters of admission from a university or an institution you can get Provisional Student Visa by the Indian Missions abroad, on the basis of provisional letters of admissions. However Provisional Student Visa is valid only for 3 months, your admission needs to be confirmed else you will have to leave India. No extension of Provisional Student Visa is permitted.

Can I change my University/ College after coming to India?
No, it is not allowed to change the University/College. You need to mention the name of the Institute while applying for the visa, which is then mentioned on the visa. A request for change of university or institution subsequently made cannot be considered. In this case, you would be required to go back to your home country and apply for a new visa.

Can I get my Tourist Visa converted to a Student Visa?
If you have come to India on Tourist or any other visa you cannot change to Student Visa. According to the government regulations if an international student comes to India on a Tourist or any other type of Visa cannot get admission in any of the Indian Institutions, he/she has to travel back to his home country, apply for a student visa from the Indian mission there.

Are there rules and regulations that I need to conform to while applying for Student Visa?
Yes, while applying for the visa you need to keep in mind the following regulations:
a) Passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of intended departure from India should accompany the visa application.
b) Students holding other nationalities (other than the country where they are staying), should submit proof of long-term (minimum 3 years) / permanent residence in the country from where they are applying.
c) For citizen of other countries, a reference has to be made to their country of residence for which an additional fee is applicable and will involve extra processing time. Please refrain from making inquiries about the status of application during this time.

From where can one avail a Student Visa?
Student Visa can be obtained from Indian Missions located in respective countries

Can I get a Student Visa directly from Indian Missions abroad?
Yes, you can get a Student Visa from Indian Missions abroad, provided you have confirmed admission to a course in a reputed/recognized institute in India.

How much is the Student Visa fee?
The Student Visa fee depends on the nationality of the passport holder and type/duration of visa applied. This fee is payable in the local currency as well. Please check with the Indian embassy in your country for exact visa fee.

What are the formalities that international students should do on arrival?
International students holding Student Visa of more than 180 days are required to register themselves with the local Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival.

What is FRRO registration and how we can register?
It is mandatory for all international students to register themselves with local FRRO, within 14 days of their arrival in India (arrival date mentioned on Visa), from 15th day late registration fee USD 30$ (Rs 1800) will be charged by FRRO Office. Student has to register him/her self by using the link

What should I do for extension of my Student Visa?
In case you want to get your Student Visa extended you should approach the local Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRROs)/ District Superintendents of Police (FROs) with authentic certificate, proof of adequate financial standing etc. The Visa can be extended for a period of one year from duration of the course or 5 years whichever is lesser for students pursuing full time and regular course in a recognized university or institution, subject to due sponsorship by the Institution and nothing adverse stands against the student. This is a complete online process and students have to fill the online FRRO extension form and then visit the FRRO office to show the certificates and collect the FRRO. Student can apply for visa extension by using the link

Can a registered student, who has completed his graduation, get visa extension for Post Graduate courses by FRRO/FRO?
Yes, a registered student, who has completed graduation, can apply for visa extension to pursue a post graduate course from concerned FRRO/FRO office provided he produces an authentic certificate from his/her institution. ISC will assist students in the registration process.

Will visa fee be charged from foreign students every year?
Visa fee is applicable only as and when you apply till the completion of your course or for 5 years whichever is lesser.
In case of 'Provisional Student Visa' when a student seeks regular admission in any college/ university then onetime fee is charged which is valid for the duration of the course or for 5 years whichever is lesser.
If the visa is issued for a period less than the duration of the course, then the visa would be extended by the concerned authorities without charging any additional fees but concerned FRRO office may have nominal processing charges.

Can I pursue higher studies on student visa?
Yes, you can pursue higher studies on Student Visa.

What are the formalities to visit my home country during my vacation or other such cases?
You must have valid Indian visa for visiting back to your country. In case your visa has expired then you first need to apply for the renewal of Visa from the FRRO office. Once you have valid visa then you can apply for the return exit permit online and collect from the FRRO office in Chennai. It is very important that you carry the exit permit as this is required to be produced at the airport immigration.

What formalities should I follow to exit India after completion of the program ?
You must complete the No-Dues formalities at the university and ensure that you don't have any pending courses that are required towards program completion after which you can apply for transcripts, migration certificate, provisional degree, character certificate etc.
Once you have valid visa then you can apply for the exit permit online and collect the same from FRRO office in Chennai. It is very important that you carry the exit permit as this is required to be produced at the airport immigration. In case your visa has expired then you first need to apply for the renewal of Visa from the FRRO office.

What if the visa given to me is a single entry visa and when I go back to my home country then do I need to apply for the visa again?
Yes, if it is a single entry visa and you have to return back home, apply for a fresh Visa at the Indian High Commission in your home country. Please ensure that you carry your transcript and your bona fide student certificate from the university before leaving, as you need to enclose this document along with visa application.


List of documents that student should bring while joining the University?

  • Admission Letter issued by the University.
  • Valid Passport (Minimum Validity should be at-least for the full duration of the program)
  • Letter of admission issued by the University (carry these documents in your hand luggage which will be required for immigration officils).
  • Should carry your Yellow Fever Injection Card, Polio Drop Certificate, Medical Certificate, Covid19 Vaccination etc (carry these documents in your hand luggage which will be required for immigration purpose)
  • Make sure that you carry your passport with endorsed student visa, all original copies of your certificates/degrees and 15 passport size photographs.
  • International Medical Insurance (valid in India) for the complete duration of the program also assures that you are medically fit to pursue the course before you leave your country.

List of documents required for immigration purpose at the airport.
You should have following documents handy:

  • Passport with student visa endorsed
  • Provisional admission letter & admission confirmation Letter issued by the University
  • Yellow Fewer card
  • COVID-19 Test Report
  • Medical Fitness Certificate

Does the university provide mattresses, sheet, pillows, towels or blanket in the Hostel/Accommodation room?
No, student will have to bring all these materials by themselves. They can get these from nearby stores.

What is the general schedule of the classes in the university campus?
Reporting Schedule at University is program wise; however generally starts on First Week of August every year. You may please visit Dr.M.G.R E&RI website under the induction head for updates.

What currency is acceptable in India? Are there foreign exchange outlets in the university?
In India, Indian National Rupee (INR) is the currency used. You can carry all your money by Travelers cheque which can be easily redeemed at the airport or foreign exchange offices and banks. Money Exchange outlets are available adjacent to University campus as well

Does the campus have ATM outlets? Can I use International debit/credit cards?
Yes, ATM is available inside university campus; all cards like VISA, MasterCard and Maestro powered cards are accepted. You can check with your bank for daily withdrawal amount limits.

Do I need to have Indian currency when I exit from Airport?
Yes, it is advisable that before you exit out of the airport you should have Indian currency from exchange counters available inside the Airport. Not every shop in India or taxi services will accept credit/debit cards; hence you should have India currency on you before leaving the airport.

How do I make further payments to university?
CPU, advices that all payments should be made only through online transfer to university account.For Fee Payment Details write to us


How can I check eligibility criteria for opted program?
To check eligibility criteria for admission to a particular program in Indian Institutions, kindly visit Association of Indian Universities (AIU) website - and apply for equivalence certificate which is chargeable. All relevant documents should be uploaded and once qualified you will receive your Equivalence Certificate by registered email id. For futher information on eligibility to a particular program kindly visit our University website .

How should I submit application form?
Download application form online and upload along with the below listed documents

  • Completely filled and dully signed application form
  • Transcript (Mark-sheet) of your all previous qualifications.
  • Equivalence Certificate
  • Copy of the passport/ National ID. If you do not hold a passport right now still you can apply and can submit the copy of passport later on.

The admissions committee will scrutinize your documents before acceptance and same will be intimated by email.
A "Provisional Admission Letter" (PAL) will be issued in case you have submitted the transcript of qualifying exam.
An "Admission Conformation Letter" (ACL) and VISA invitation letter will be issued after you submit your admission fee and one Year Tuition Fee.

How can I change my programme?
You need to mail the change of program request application to with valid reasons. The change of program is completely subjected to approval by admission committee.

What is Provisional Admission Letter?
After submission of your application form along with required documents, all the credential will be verified and if found eligible for the applied program, you will then receive a Provisional Admission Letter from Dr.M.G.R University. This is only a letter issued based on the documents submitted and not the final document. The student will get final document only after all conditions mentioned in the "Provisional Admission Letter" are met with.

An Offer Letter includes details about:

  • The programme fee per semester
  • The Accommodation fee for respective academic year.
  • Admission Fee
  • Scholarship (if applicable)
  • Other useful information for students

How long does it take to receive a Provisional Admission Letter/reply from the University once the application is submitted?
From the date of receiving application within 3 working days the application will be processed. If found eligible Provisional Admission Letter containing all details of the program will be sent / issued.

What is Admission Confirmation Letter?
After receiving your Provisional Admission Letter, once you submit your admission fee and first year tuition fee, university will issue the Admission confirmation letter. This letter confirms your admission and place at DR.M.G.R and can also be used for Visa application purpose.

What is University fee structure for a particular program ?
Details of Tuition, fee, Admission fee, Accommodation fee etc will be listed on the provisional admission letter. For more details visit:

What is Visa Issuance letter?
After successful submission of admission fee, University will issue you an Admission Confirmation Letter / Bonafide letter which the student has to submit to the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate. You will find all the information related to your reporting at Dr.M.G.R in this Letter.

How will I be informed if my admission is through ?
University will issue you following documents on confirmation of your admission and will send it through your email.

  • Admission Confirmation Letter
  • Visa Issuance Letter
  • You're Registration Number
  • Fee Receipt

How can I apply for student visa?
Student Visas can be obtained from any of the Indian Missions in your country by submitting the required documents.

What is English Language Requirement (ELR) for international students?
All International Applicants are required to satisfy one of the following English Requirements irrespective of the program in which they are seeking admission.

Applicant must have passed English course in 10th or higher examination.
Applicant should have pursued his/her previous education with English as the medium of instruction. The applicant has to provide proof of the language be instructed or the document should be available in his/her previous institutions website.
If the applicant doesn't not fall in any of the above categories, he/she will have to provide one of the following proofs of English language Proficiency: IELTS BAND of 5.5, TOEFL (ICBT) score of 65 or equivalent in any of the TOEFL format

What events are organized for international students at the university?
Dr.M.G.R E&RI welcomes students and interns from different parts of the world to experience diversity by making the University a conglomerate of different cultures. With its global outlook, Dr.M.G.R E&RI has much to offer students in the way of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Dr.M.G.R is an ideal place for you to pursue higher education and share experiences on a common platform. The University offers cultural clubs, societies, sports facilities, guest lectures, academic oriented and cultural oriented events on the platter to students, paving the way in having a blissful experience during their education tenure.

Does Dr.M.G.R E&RI admit international transfer/migration students?
Yes, if you are already studying in any of the Government recognized university then you can apply for the transfer/migration. Student should send syllabus and curriculum details along with your application.

Help and Support:
Naturally, you're at the heart of everything we do, so we've always been looking at ways to help you get the most out of campus life. Our help & support is always available to students from the moment you go through the door to the day you leave. Our support goes from assistance in all forms including finding placements and many more.
We offer professional guidance on immigration to current international students as well as assistance in FRRO phase. Our department frequently offers one-to - one support and advice on a wide range of issues relating to personal and academic areas.
Except on University Holidays our service is available all year round.


Highly experienced counselors are available to address students problems. All communications are kept confidential. Our counselors will provide support and advice on concerning all parameters like; relationships, anxiety, finance management, depression, isolation, homesick, failure to fit in groups etc. Assistance is always available pertaining to examination concerns or program problems which can be resolved by contacting the counselors in person.

Health and Wellness

All international students and guest accompanying them must undergo medical checkup once they arrive on campus. Students should have or initiate to have a medical insurance as per the University's norms. Our ACS Medical College Hospital is open 24/7 to all our students free of charge.

For further infomation write to us:

Reach Us @

International Student Cell

RA Block, Room No: 202

Dr.MGR Educational & Research Institute, Main Campus

Phone No: +91-44-23782176/2186, Ext: 261

Email Id: