Planning and Development

Official planning and development are usually carried out through official e-mails, MIS modules, SMS through IMS and WhatsApp messages for online communication. Proposals for infrastructural development, R & D projects, seminars & workshops, various grants and scholarships are prepared and submitted online through participative management system. Net banking and other online methods are also used to make necessary funding allocations for many initiatives, including research projects. Various MIS modules are an integral part of the data and information transfer process between the University and the higher education department.

The following main organisational assignments are carried out online
  • General Administration
  • Student Admission
  • Examination
  • Library
  • Accounts and Finance
IT-Cell provides appropriate training for working on various user interfaces throughout the year. The Cell also initiates new proposals for conducting online courses and developing IT-based infrastructure, further the IT cell takes the hardware and software inventory up to date and accurate to meet the standards. A dedicated WhatsApp Group MGR Officials for teaching (Formerly M.G.R Orange) and Compatriot Colleagues for non-teaching has been created at institution level and also in each academic department for sharing orders, information, direction and discussion on a common platform. The necessary budgetary allotments for implementation of digital awareness are provided by the university transparency within time limits.