E - Governance

E-governance is a very important tool to the governing body of the institute as well as to the stakeholders. The e-governance policy is drafted in such a way that it provides timely dissemination of information. It facilitates efficiency and ease of administration. The transparency of the process adds strength to the institution. These areas of operation include website, student admission and support, pay Roll and financial accounting, library, administration, examination, alumni, social media, outreach. E-governance is implemented with the help of several digital platforms such as Online Admission Eduwize, - EMS, OPAC, and MGR IMS, G SUITE, IN house programs, eSSL eTime TrackLite Server, CiftHealth ET (Hospital Management System), BackBone, medical records and central lab, MGR IMS, G SUITE, CELL, MGR ORANGE, MGR OFFICIALS, COMPATRIOT, Researgence, e-Sanad, docswallet, etc. The syndicate reserves the right to upgrade as well as implement e-governance even in the areas not enlisted. The implementation of E-governance offers several benefits such as transparency and absolute clarity in administration; empowerment of faculties, students and encouragement of their participation in governance process; better delivery of services to students; improved interactions with business and industry; greater convenience; revenue growth; cost reduction. Use of E governance has set a new trend and our University is making a milestone in Education sector.

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