Employees are the most important assets of an organization. In today’s competitive global business environment, hiring good professionals have become not only a difficult but an expensive process as well. Training them about the values and skills they need to succeed, ensuring they understand the organization's mission and strategy, and keeping them productive is the most important priority of any management institution.

Human Resource Course is a Unique course which is designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of the major human resource responsibilities, addressing both strategic and operational aspects. This courses involve practical and theoretical considerations in the professional development of men and women in the field of human resources in such settings as business, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations and institutions.

This course equips you for a career as a manager, capable of reflecting critically on your own practice and that of an organisation.

HRM aims to develop tomorrow’s business leaders through integrated learning and industry-academic partnerships. HRM degree tends to be more subjects specific. This course is designed to provide a more explicit coverage of HR topics and specialties with the intention of preparing the student for a more quantitative and research-oriented focus.

  • Department Of Human Resource Management Started in 2019.
  • Connected with Industry institute coalition for hands on Training and Internship.
  • Value added courses with skill based training having tie up with Accuracy (Singapore).


Empowering a community of excellence through Human Resource Teaching and Practice.


To make the students a world-class leader in Human Resource Management through:

  • Our commitment to reach excellence in providing reliable Human Resource knowledge in a consistent way of education.
  • Our passion towards learning and continuous improvement.
  • Our focus towards adopting Global Human Resource best practices and technologies.
  • Deliver most efficient and innovative Human Resource services to ensure development, enrichment and success for their career development.
  • Inspire excellence through effective Human Resource practices.

Core Value

HR adds value to organizational goals. Empirical evidence demonstrates the existence of positive relationships between HRM practices, HRM outcomes, and organizational outcomes.

Program Outcomes

  • Explain contemporary Human Resource Management and Development theories, principles, and best practices, and their respective applications to organizations.
  • Use appropriate human resources methods, practices, and tools for human resource management and talent development that align with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate solutions to human resource problems based on analysis of qualitative and quantitative data appropriate to the problem.
  • Apply best practices for knowledge-based human resources decision making.
  • Appraise successful methods for engagement and collaboration with executive, managers, employees, and other stakeholders in diverse and multidisciplinary environments.
  • Evaluate existing human resource legal and regulatory requirements and the use of ethical and socially responsible policies and procedures.
  • Communicate effectively with diverse audiences about complex human resource management and development topics using multiple types of media.

Course Objectives

  • The course aims to provide a contemporary understanding of the influence of HR practices and policies on organizations.
  • The course components seek to provide students with a working knowledge of HRM practice in a global context.

Our Pedagogy

The pedagogy used for knowledge transfer and student engagement includes case studies, role play, group discussion, certificate programs, experts’ expositions, simulated HR activities and audio-visual presentations.

Career Possibilities

Such under & postgraduates are professionally involved in recruitment, training, and development, job appraisal, promotion, monitoring of the performance of the employees, acting as a bridge between the employees and the employer, etc. They are also part of training, organizing, planning, and decision-making, recruiting, corporate training, benefits-analysis, healthcare management, staffing, human resources management and professional evaluation in the workplace.

Such postgraduates may professionally pursue roles such as:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Executive Human Resource
  • Sales and Business Development Manager
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Product Development Executive
  • Production Manager
  • Benefits Analyst
  • Human Resource Generalist
  • Payroll Manager, etc.


Courses Offered

Admission Eligibility

  • B.A. – Pass in +2 any domain
  • M.A. – Any Degree

Course Highlights
  • Industry friendly Curriculum
  • Competent Faculty
  • Ongoing Industry Institute Interactions
  • Continuous Internships
  • Soft Skills training
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Placement
  • Students Exchange Programme with various Foreign Universities.
  • Well-furnished spacious classroom
  • Wi-Fi enabled campus
  • Qualified Faculties
  • Lab
  • Library
  • Hostel Facility ( Boys & Girls)
  • Canteen Facility
  • Transport Facility
  • Co curricular & Extracurricular Activities

Research and Development

HR research is vital in addressing the multiple HR problems.

Human resource (HR) management in R&D function is challenging as well as complex. Educated manpower is the main characteristics of R&D personnel. In other words, they bring knowledge expertise to create new opportunities to the organization through research, development and innovation.

Thrust Areas of Research

  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • HR Management in Organizations
  • Strategic HR Management and Planning
  • Workers, Jobs, and Job Analysis
  • Human Resource Planning and Retention
  • Recruiting and Labor Markets
  • Selecting Human Resources
  • Training Human Resources
  • Talent Management
  • Performance Management and Appraisal
  • Total Rewards and Compensation
  • Incentive Plans and Executive Compensation
  • Managing Employee Benefits
  • Risk Management and Worker Protection
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Union/Management Relations
  • Retention of Employees
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Workforce Diversity
  • Employee Engagement
  • Talent management
  • Human capital management
  • Green HRM
  • Managing Diversity
  • Flexibility & Change management
  • Performance management system
  • Role Design, Job Evaluation and New Age Organizations
  • Competency Mapping and Assessment
  • Cross Cultural Management and Leadership


  • Both U.G & P.G students will be undergoing Two projects

Awards and Achievements


  • Dr.R.Jayam Received Award – ”DEBATE as RESOURCE PERSON "– IFEST on 15th October 2019
  • Dr.R.Jayam Received "Kalai Mani Viruthu” from Kaviarasar Tamil Sangam – 2019
  • Dr.R.Jayam Received Award & Certificate - Outstanding Faculty on 5th September 2019 –Tamil Chozalai.
  • Dr.R.Jayam Received Best Teacher Award From Lions Club - 2019
  • Dr.R.Jayam Received Certificate Best Women Achiever – Department of Commerce – Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute University 2016
  • Dr.R.Jayam Received Certificate & Cash Prize (1st Prize) – Debate in Tamil Pattimandram - Dr MGR Educational & Research Institute University 2015.
  • Dr.R.Jayam Received Award & Certificate - Outstanding Faculty on 5th September 2015 –Tamil Chozalai.
  • Dr.R.Jayam Received Award & Certificate - Outstanding Faculty on 5th September 2015 – Venus International Foundation.
  • Dr.R.Jayam Received Certificate & Cash Prize (1st Prize) – Debate in Tamil Pattimandram -Dr MGR Educational & Research Institute University 2015.
  • Dr.R.Jayam Received Research Appreciation Certificate – Contribution towards Research Paper Publications – Dr MGR Educational & Research Institute University 2014.
  • Dr.R.Jayam Received Certificate of Excellence – Contribution towards Teaching & Research - National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development on 5th September 2013. (Teachers Day)


  • Students have participated in intercollegiate competition and won certificates and Prizes.

Associations & Club


The purpose of "Connect” is to bring together students interested in the field of Human Resources Management, help them develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate world. Encourage them to meet professionals who work in the field of Human Resources Management. This club is designed to help students learn more about Human Resource and what Human Resource Professionals do.

The club promotes the active participation of the students. The HR students take the lead in arranging the events. This enables in developing the students to plan and arrange for the events successfully. The club activities are organized in a regular basis to promote the team spirit, Social Awareness activities (CSR) and implement the HR concepts practically.

Vision Statement

Excellence, Driven through People

Mission Statement

"Connect” will hold events all through the year to enable students to gain insights into the latest happenings in the field of HR and other CSR Activities. The activities ranging from Awareness Programmes, Debates, Quiz, Games & Exercises are regularly organized to enhance the relevant and essential skills required to make successful Human & HR professional in the corporate world.


  • To provide knowledge about the current trends in HR.
  • To produce more employable and efficient HR students.
  • To bring out and develop innovation and creativity among the students of HR.
  • To continuously strive for academic and professional excellence in the field of HRM.
  • To enhance the skills and competencies of the members through sharing and learning.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and interaction and a platform for enhancing skills.
  • Identifying modern approaches in human resources management and training the members issues.

Club Structure

  • Organizing and conducting the various academic & non-academic activities.
  • Conducting research work related to HR management.
  • To enable successful performance and organizing of diverse and club activities, the following positions will be assuming unique roles to accomplish various HR activities from time to time.


  • All Students of HRM Department

Club Activities

  • Preparing Recruitment advertisement
  • Training on recruitment process and performance appraisal
  • Mock Interviews
  • Role playing sessions
  • Group Discussions
  • HRIS
  • Personality development activities


MOU was signed with Accuracy, Singapore on 20.08.2019

Department of Human Resource Management was inaugurated in Adayalampattu campus with good wishes, guidance and support from our beloved President, Dr.Malini Pande and Dean Dr.S. Manivannan on 4.09.2029.


Motivational talk on” Career Prospects in Human Resource” held in the smart class room phase II campus. The talk started at 11.30 am with S.Priyanka , HR- BOSCH on 20.09.2019.


Inter Disciplinary Talk on "Talent Management" held in the smart class room, The Talk was presented by Dr.S.Kasturi from the Department of Management Studies on 31.10.2019.


The Inaugural Ceremony of the "HR CLUB " the event started at 11 am in the smart class room with Dr. MdNayeemur Rahman , Mrs .Uma Bala Subramanian Director HR Client Services Jean and Martin inc (USA) inaugurated theHR club”CONNECT on 7.11.2019.


Industrial visit was organized for the students to Chennai Port Trust on 19th November 2019 Mr.Venkat accompanied & guided the students



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  • Behavioral Science & Management Research – Anmol Publication -Dr.R.Jayam, Dr.N.RV.Prabhu & Abarna
  • Knowledge Management – Galgotia Publication - Dr.B.Neeraja, & Dr.R.Jayam
  • Principles of Management – Sri Vari Publications - Dr.S.P.Rajagopalan & Dr.R.Jayam
  • Production & Operations – My B Skool - Dr.R.Jayam & Tanu Shree Gohain.

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