Laboratories and Equipment

Anatomy Dissection Hall
Anatomy Histology Laboratory
Biochemistry Laboratory
Central Research Laboratory
Community Medicine Laboratory
FM Laboratory
Micro Laboratory
Patho Laboratory
Histopathology Laboratory
Clinical Pharma Laboratory
Clinical Physiology Laboratory
Pharmacology Laboratory
Physio Laboratory
Skill Laboratory
Bacteriology Laboratory
Central Clinical Laboratory
Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory
Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
Clinical Pathology Laboratory
Cytopathology Laboratory
Hematology Laboratory
Immunology Laboratory
Mycology Laboratory
Parasitology Laboratory
Serology Laboratory
Virology Laboratory

Skilled Clinical Laboratory

Equipments and Instruments
Baby Weighing Scale Bacteriological Incubator
Balance Food Weighing Scale Centrifuge
Chloroscope Clinical Thermometer
Craft Water Testing Kit Digital Sound Level Meter
First Aid Kit Full Automated Cell Counter
Glucometer Harpendens Caliper
Heamometer Height Measuring Stand
Horrocks Apparatus Hydrometer Milk
Icelined Refrigerator Incubator
MBI Kit Multi Media Screen With Projector
Needle Shredder Otoscope
Refridgerator Salters Weighing Scale
Stethoscope Television
Vaccine Carrier Water Testing Kit
Weight Scale Artificial Self Illuminating Breathing Bag
Bi Pap Cardiac Monitor
Central Oxygen And Suction Point Defebrillator
Emergency Bed Fowlers Bed
Glucometer ICU Cart Resuscitation Cot
Infant Radiant Warmer And Photo Therapy Labour Cot
Laryngoscope For Audlt And Infant Laryngoscope
Lobor Cot Oxygen Cylinder
Portable Suction Portable Xray
Pulse Oximeter Splint With Pop Things
ECG Machine CT Scan
CT Scan CT Scan
CT Scan CT Scan
CT Scan IITV Facilities
Radiology Radiology
Static X Ray 300ma Static X Ray 300ma
X Ray X Ray 800

Anatomy Anatomy
Anatomy Anatomy
Biochemistry Biochemistry
Community Medicine Community Medicine
Microbiology Microbiology
Microbiology Microbiology
Pathology Pathology
Pharmacology Pharmacology
Pharmacology Pharmacology
Physiology Physiology
Physiology Physiology

Research Laboratory